Last year, we fell head over heels with Eric Jason Martin‘s debut novel New Arcadia: Stage One. Then the audio adaptation hit Audible, and we experience a new level of awesomeness. Now, Martin is back with the sequel, New Arcadia: Revolution. But the novel isn’t the only thing to be excited about. He has given it the same exciting audio adaptation treatment that is guaranteed to have our blood pumping.

New Arcadia: Revolution picks up where we left off as protagonist John Chambers/Blaze (Martin) and his friends infiltrate Club Re-LOVE-ution to stop the deadly Drug X menace from taking over the city. But standing in their way are two German pop superstars, Berta and Beatra (Emily Lynee). They have teamed up with a mysterious benefactor for their big comeback. If Blaze’s team fails, it’s Game Over. And not just in the virtual world, but in the real one too.

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Martin’s novels are packed to the brim with 90s nostalgia, pop culture references, action, and much more. And while I fell in love with New Arcadia: Stage One, I was seriously wowed beyond belief when the audio adaptation hit Audible. Martin leads it with a star-studded cast that provides a voice for the characters and makes them all feel unique in their own rights. I do not doubt that New Arcadia: Revolution and the series’ third novel will be just as captivating.

New Arcadia: Revolution will include the incredible voice talents of Martin and Lynee alongside Matthew Mercer, Sam Riegel, Dave Fennoy, Erika Ishii, Marin Ireland, Ray Porter, Jeff Gerstmann, Dana Snyder and more. It will also include original music by Casey Trela with a theme by Lloyd Cole.

The Audible adaptation hits the storefront today, October 4, 2022! So join Blaze and his team as they conquer the mean streets of New Arcadia – and kill it on the dance floor!

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