Cord cutters have long cited pricing of standard cable and satellite as a reason for dropping those services and switching to streaming services like Netflix. But with more and more channels, like Disney, pulling away from partnerships with these streaming services to create their own online services and apps, getting to all the content fans want is getting to be more expensive. And prices of these services, while still cheaper than cable on their own, are just going to increase. 

As Mashable reports, beginning now for new Netflix users, and coming soon for existing users, prices will increase for the Standard and Premium services by $1 and $2, respectively. The Basic package will remain at $7.99 while the new Standard package is set at $10.99 and the Premium package is set for $13.99. The last price increase for Netflix was announced in 2016, but it was considered “un-grandfathering” to align long-time users to their current pay structure; it also introduced the three tiered structure. 

Netflix Increases Subscription Costs New Prices

New User Prices,

Netflix has expanded their offerings from curated movies and television shows to include original content, like Stranger Things, House of Cards, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and has even purchased comic book publisher Millarward for future Netflix Originals releases. While none of these ventures are cheap and could be used as an excuse to raise the prices of the streaming service even more, Netflix’s small bump in cost for customers seems like too little to amount to much, but considering that Netflix has just over 100 million subscribers, that little bit adds up.

Reactions to Price Increase

How are those subscribers taking the news of the price increase? Not surprisingly, many fans are reacting with far more acceptance than seen in other networks creating their own streaming service for one or two shows:

However some fans are bristled enough to threaten cancellation or are simply upset that the current programming isn’t something that should warrant a price hike:

And, honestly, I have to agree with twitter user @hammbone84 – I would love the option to hide my binging history from my husband!

No Change for T-Mobile Users

It is important to note that T-Mobile users that get Netflix through their service will continue to receive this as a free perk, as confirmed by T-Mobile:


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