It is time to bid farewell to the supernatural side of Baker Street guys. Deadline officially confirmed yesterday that Netflix would not be picking up The Irregulars for a second season. The supernatural crime-drama from Tom Bidwell debuted its first and now only season on March 26, 2021. And while I am heartbroken, I can’t say that I didn’t see this as a possibility. The series follows a group of troubled teenagers in Victorian London who are pretty much forced to work for the unlikable Dr. Watson (Royce Pierreson). And while it did bring supernatural to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s world, it lacked some of the charms of other series.

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Typically when a season comes to an end, I jump at the idea of crafting a series of questions I feel need to be answered in the next season. But, I could never bring myself to come up with enough to constitute putting into a post. The Irregulars ties up nearly all of the plot points by the end of the eighth episode. Those that are left a bit open-ended didn’t really scream out at me as needing a concrete answer. They even managed to solve the mysteries behind Jessie’s (Darci Shaw) powers and who opened the new Rift.

I was hoping to watch Bea (Thaddea Graham) take on the new mantle of the master detective. Throughout the series, she showed how strong-willed and determined she was to face this head-on. While the others in her core group weren’t exactly excited to take on each new job, I always felt that Bea actually wanted to help the world. In the final few episodes, we even got the chance to see her think out cases and piece evidence together just as Sherlock Holmes (Henry Llyod-Hughes) did. The series ends with Watson promising her that he will always be there, which led me to believe that she would be serving as his new partner.

Maybe down the line, Netflix will find it in their hearts to give the series a second chance. But for now, it will be a one-season wonder. If you haven’t gotten the chance to stream this series, I do recommend it. Like I said before, it does tie up nicely at the end of the season and for everything else after that – there is always fanfiction.


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