The release schedule for Netflix’s Marvel series, thus far, has been two a year. Starting in 2015 with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, we’ve seen two series released a year, bring both Luke Cage and Iron Fist into the hero mix as well. However, though we’ve heard before that Netflix was considering moving to three Marvel series releases a year, it now appears next year, 2018, is definitely the year that this little miracle happens. In fact, it’s been all but confirmed that we could get three series this year, with The Punisher possibly being released in November. As we said, though, that’s not yet been confirmed, just hugely rumored by people definitively involved in the series.


According to an EW article, next year we are definitely getting three Marvel series in a second season for Jessica Jones, a second season for Luke Cage and a third season of Daredevil. Jessica Jones is not surprising because her second season is in production now. Luke Cage’s second season has been hinted to enter production later this year as well. The real surprise here is the third season of Daredevil, which has not yet entered production or even been hinted at.

This year we’ve already seen Iron Fist and in August we’ll see The Defenders come together for the first time. If rumors hold true, we’ll see the first Netflix spinoff, The Punisher, take aim in November (see what I did there?). Our guess is that next year will follow a similar release schedule, with Jessica Jones hitting first in the first three months of 2018, followed by Cage in Summer and Daredevil in Winter. That being said, unless Netflix wants to just recycle the same four or five heroes over and over, we should start seeing some new characters and spinoff shows relatively soon.

Anyone else crossing their fingers super hard for a Midnight Sons or Moon Knight series?

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