During Netflix’s GEEKED WEEK 2022, Kevin Smith and Netflix announced that their journey in Eternia isn’t over yet. A new animated series titled Masters of the Universe: Revolution will continue the story that played out in Masters of the Universe: Revelation. The only little bit of information we were given is that this story will provide us with a battle between He-Man and Skeletor like we have never seen before. But what else will this story bring? Will we get answers to some questions left behind from the first? We’ve got a list of theories on what stories Smith, Mattel and Powerhouse Animation will bring to life.

DISCLAIMER: This list will contain spoilers for Masters of the Universe: Revelation. If you haven’t seen it yet – we highly recommend checking it out. You can watch all ten episodes on Netflix here.

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He-Man’s Emotional Rebirth Journey

The events of Masters of the Universe: Revelation focuses heavily on Teela (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar), but we do see a bit of a character arc for our favorite Prince Adam/He-Man (voiced by Chris Wood). In the very first episode, we watch as He-Man is slain when he becomes a conduit for all the power set free by Skeletor (voiced by Mark Hamill). He eventually chooses to return to Eternia from Preternia and leave behind his afterlife in the home of heroes.

Dying and coming back to life can’t be an easy thing to deal with. On top of that, he went as far as opening up to everyone about his secret. Now, where does he go from here? A big theory we have is that this season is going to heavily focus on his emotional reactions surrounding his rebirth. How will he fit into this world? And how is he going to deal with the inevitable battle with Skeletor after everything that happened in the second half of Revelation? We think he might be a bit angrier than he has been lettering on.

Teela. Orko, Evil-Lyn, Andra, King Randor, He-Man and Battle Cat standing together after the battle at Grayskull.

Image courtesy of Netflix 2021.

Skeletor Is A Pawn

We know Masters of the Universe: Revolution will have a big battle between Skeletor and He-Man, but hear us out. We don’t think Skeletor is working on his own accord. At the very end of Revelation, we watch as Skeletor is absorbed by Motherboard and possibly corrupted. It seems like she is going to actually be the big bad of the new season. This could mean that she is using Skeletor to face off against He-Man and the others.

But will Skeletor allow that? Our bone man isn’t one to just let someone control him. He isn’t above piggybacking on someone else for a while, though. So we imagine he is going to bid his time until he knows exactly what he needs to do to take over Motherboard. Maybe convince some of his old henchmen to help him out and build up an insurrection from within. Regardless, we get the feeling that Skeletor will start a pawn but won’t stay one for long.

Motherboard corrupting Skeletor while her henchman hold him still.

Image courtesy of Netflix 2021.

Teela Takes On Her New Role

The main plot line of Revelation was Teela learning about her past and uncovering her true powers. By the end, she has embraced her role as the new Sorceress of Grayskull and helped put an end to the battle alongside He-Man and the others. Now it is time for her to really settle into her new role and help guide the others. But is she really ready to do that? While Smith has alluded that Masters of the Universe: Revolution is going to be about He-Man and Skeletor, we’ve got a feeling that Teela will see some action too.

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Teela can leave Grayskull and has plans to continue fighting alongside Prince Adam, so we are sure we will see her continue to kick some major tush. And from the final moments between her and Prince Adam, we have some hope that the new season will explore their relationship as well. What we don’t want to see is Teela reduced to a side character that is only there to further Adam’s story. We don’t mind some romance, but she is more than just someone’s girlfriend.

Teela standing outside of the castle.

Image courtesy of Netflix 2021.

Andra Crushing It

One of our favorite characters to come out of Revelation is Andra (voiced by Tiffany Smith). She is Teela’s partner after the fall of Prince Adam/He-Man and travels with her on her journey to restore the Sword of Power. She is a whiz with technology and a complete badass. At the end of the first season, she is promoted to Man-At-Arms after her heroics at the battle of Grayskull. This is only the beginning for our girl, and Masters of the Universe: Revolution is going to give us more of her story.

Our big theory is that we are going to watch Andra settle into her new role alongside the other heroes of Eternia. Andra has finally found a home and family. But that always comes at a cost, right? How will she feel standing alongside two of Eternia’s greatest heroes? What will it be like filling the shoes of Teela and Duncan (Liam Cunningham)? We think a big part of her journey will be coming into her own power and realizing that she doesn’t need to be exactly like her predecessors to be great.

Andra after being named the next Man-At-Arms.

Image courtesy of Netflix 2021.

Evil-Lyn Returns

At the end of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Evil-Lyn (voiced by Lena Headey) sets aside her mace and seems to move on with her life. After the events of the series, losing Skeletor, trying to save the world, finding out that he was using her, becoming his slave and then taking the power for herself – she has been through a lot. It makes sense that she is ready to walk away from it all. But can she stay away?

After everything Skeletor has put her through, would she be willing to stand on the sidelines? We know he is coming back and looking to take over again. So our theory is that this time Evil-Lyn is going to stand up to him, and maybe this time, she will get her revenge. We do have a tiny little fear that she is going to be swayed to stand by his side once again. But hopefully, after everything she has been through, that doesn’t happen.

Evil-lyn saying goodbye to her mace before heading off into the sunset.

Image courtesy of Netflix 2021.

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