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I love clever marketing, and Netflix is nailing it with their campaign for their upcoming original film, Okja.  Tilda Swinton‘s character and her company are the focus of the campaign.  In fact, they are the campaign itself.  Netflix has populated a Twitter account for Lucy Mirando (Swinton’s character) and a website for Mirando Corporation.  And, let me tell you… it’s funny and disturbing and so pink!

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The Twitter account is full of ‘inspirational’ quotes, positive world problem-solving talk, a letter to fans, and the most amazing videos.  Lucy Mirando is trying to solve world hunger, one happy pig at a time.  Or so she wants you to think.  What’s really wonderful about this (aside from the giant pig cut-out on Swinton’s head) is that as weird and outlandish as it is, it is also very very close to home.  There are plenty of ads out there touting the wonderful things that companies like Monsanto are doing for the world.  And, from many perspectives that may be true… but there’s always another side, isn’t there?

The film Okja presents the other side.  The love a girl has for a magical creature that people like Lucy Mirando see only as a Super Pig; a source of problem-solving food.

Okja will be available on Netflix June 24th.  In the meantime, get to know Lucy Miranda on Twitter and at

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