The Gorgeous Ladies of Wresting are getting a final match. Netflix announced that their hit show GLOW has been renewed for a fourth season, and it will be the last one. This is welcome news as the season three finale was a cliffhanger. The creative team surely rolled the dice on this as they went into the Las Vegas centered season three without confirmation that there would be a fourth season of GLOW

The critically acclaimed comedy stars Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Marc Maron and an incredibly talented cast of women who go all out on each episode to make this larger than life series one of the best shows to come out of streaming giant. 

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Inspired by the short-lived but beloved show from the 80s, GLOW tells the fictional story of Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), an out-of-work, struggling actress in 1980s Los Angeles who finds one last chance for stardom when she’s thrust into the glitter and spandex world of women’s wrestling. In addition to working with 12 Hollywood misfits, Ruth also has to compete with Debbie Eagan (Betty Gilpin ) a former soap actress who left the business to have a baby, only to be sucked back into work when her picture perfect life is not what it seems. And at the wheel is Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron), a washed-up, B-movie director who now must lead this group of women on the journey to wrestling stardom.

Season three took GLOW from Los Angeles to Las Vegas where the act headlined at the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino run by the amazing Geena Davis. The women were excited with this new opportunity but as their residency goes on, the struggles of real life set in. Season three ended with many unresolved storylines so the renewal news today was welcome indeed. 

Co-showrunner Carly Mensch told EW of the upcoming fourth season, “The fun of our show is there is no going backwards. People are in very different places than they were the last time they were in Los Angeles. There’s been a really fun Vegas impact. None of our characters are actually where they were, now that I’m doing the math. For such a character-driven show, for us the setting or the location isn’t as important to us as where people are in their lives — where Ruth is, where Debbie is, Carmen’s headed for a pretty drastically different place, a lot of the women at the end of season 3 don’t even know the potential opportunities ahead. As we’re heading to some pretty new territory for us, even if maybe the landscape looks familiar, can you go home again, can you never go home again are all things that we’re excited to dive into.”



Audrey Kearns