One of our favorite weeks is nearly upon us – Netflix’s Geeked Week! The second annual week-long geek celebration is returning to share some downright exciting news about upcoming movies, shows and games. To help ignite the excitement, Netflix dropped a trailer giving us little peeks into everything we can expect to dive into and more. And the best part? All of the Stranger Things content! Who isn’t excited for season four to drop later this month?

Geeked Week is broken into five separate days of announcements, trailers, cast panels, etc. Each day covers a set focus from series, films, animation, Stranger Things and games. From the trailer, we can expect to also see announcements and news for The Sandman, The Umbrella Academy, The Gray Man, Alice in Borderland, Day Shift, Resident Evil, The Sea Beast, Shadow and Bone, Arcane and so much more.

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And I know we said that the Stranger Things bits of the trailer were our absolute favorite, including the narration by the fantastic David Harbour, but we might be lying just a little. Watch the trailer until the very end, and you will get the chance to see the unquestionably outstanding Gwendoline Christie decked out as Lucifer from the upcoming series The Sandman. All of The Sandman news is on the top of our lists this year!

Geeked Week will feature a plethora of hosts to help celebrate all the exciting news, including Jacob Bertrand, jstoobs, Jaeden Martell, Reece Feldman, Juju Green aka Straw Hat Goofy, Ella Purnell, Tiffany Smith, Felicia Day, B. Dave Walters, Geoff Keighley and Mari Takahashi.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Geeked Week kick-off! The event begins June 6, 2022, and will run until June 10, 2022. We’ve shared the trailer below so you can be as excited as us! What series are you most excited to hear about? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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