Netflix kicked off GEEKED WEEK 2022 in the most epic way ever. By giving us horror series after horror series hitting the streaming service soon. And one that definitely caught out eye is Guillermo Del Toro‘s upcoming horror anthology series Cabinet of Curiosities. If the idea that Del Toro is bringing another horror-filled IP to life wasn’t enough, the trailer and who is attached to the project will have you crying tears of joy.

Cabinet of Curiosities will feature eight episodes directed by Jennifer Kent, David Prior, Guillermo Navarro, Keith Thomas, Panos Cosmatos, Catherine Hardwicke, Vincenzo Natali and Ana Lily Amirpour. These are some of our favorite horror directors, and knowing that they are going to have a hand in this is just – chef’s kiss. We don’t know what stories they will tell, but we know that they are going to be terrifyingly fantastic.

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The directors of the Cabinet of Curiosities aren’t the only thing to be excited about. The cast list is top-notch. Are you ready for this? We will be seeing Rupert Grint, Essie Davis, Luke Roberts, Andrew Lincoln, F. Murray Abraham, Glynn Turman, Ben Barnes, Elpidia Carrillo, Crispin Glover, Demetrius Grosse, David Hewlett, Tim Blake Nelson, Sebastian Roché, Peter Weller, Sofia Boutella and Hannah Galway. Seriously – who else could they add to this?

Since this will be an anthology series, we won’t be seeing all of these actors together. But, we are still excited to figure out who will be working with who and what story they will be telling and will Grint be playing another red-headed sidekick? So many questions. Finally, the best part about the Cabinet of Curiosities is that it is coming this year! That’s right, 2022. This means we should be getting trailers, first look images and some behind-the-scenes fun over the next few months. Our theory is that this will be hitting Netflix around Halloween.

Check out Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities trailer below. Are you terrified like us? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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