Netflix has been knocking the ball out of the park with their original series over the last few months. So, it is no surprise that The Letter for the King would continue this. Based off of the novel by Dutch author Tonke Dragt, it is the first in a series of fantasy adventure stories. It follows the journey of a young boy named Tiuri on the verge of being a knight. One evening during his vigil he is given the task of passing on a letter to another knight, but everything changes when he finds him dead. This leads him and others on an adventure that will decide the fate of the three kingdoms.

Netflix has cast Amir Wilson for the leading role alongside David Wenham, Andy Serkis, Ruby Ashmore Serkis, Islam Bouakkaz, Johan Lees, and Jack Barton. The Letter for the King trailer does a fantastic job of bringing together the main cast and introducing the bare bones of the storyline. It has the feel of a strong fantasy adventure similar to The Witcher but without the dark themes. It would make a great series for younger viewers who might be a tad bit too young for fantasy series like The Witcher or Game of Thrones.

Netflix’s official description: In this sweeping fantasy series, a teenage knight-in-training (Amir Wilson) receives a secret letter on which the fate of the kingdom depends. He embarks on an epic quest to deliver it to the king and stop the world from being plunged into darkness. The Letter for the King premieres March 20, only on Netflix.

The first season of The Letter for the King will be available starting on March 20, 2020. Are you excited for this new series? Let us know!

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