Fellow members of the ton, we have some new information about the third season of Netflix and Shonda RhimesBridgerton. If you were expecting it to be the casting announcement for one Sophie Beckett, we apologize for your disappointment. We are even more sorry that this new announcement might even mean we won’t be seeing her until season four. Through a letter from the darling Lady Whistledown, the team took to Twitter to give us our starring couple for season three. Our focus will be on Colin (Luke Newton) and Penelope (Nicola Coughlan).

I refuse to lie and say that I am not disappointed with this announcement. I have been patiently waiting for Benedict (Luke Thompson) to get his happily ever after. However, the powers that be behind Bridgerton have shown that they aren’t afraid to shake things up and divert from the pages of Julia Quinn‘s novels. Just take a look at season two. I had hoped with all of the attention Benedict received last season that, we would see him shine in three, but we are going to have to wait a bit longer.

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Now, disappointment doesn’t mean that I am not excited to see Colin and Penelope take the stage. We have had a lot of focus on both leads throughout seasons one and two. However, I had hoped that we would see significant growth from both characters during season three before finding their happy ending in season four. Colin is still dealing with his lack of direction and feelings over everything that happened with Marina (Ruby Barker). At the same time, Penelope struggles with her role as Lady Whistledown and her fight with Eloise (Claudia Jessie).

My only wish is that the third season of Bridgerton doesn’t rush their reconciliation while at the same time not forcing us to wait until the very end of the season to find them falling in love. We’re looking at you, Kate (Simone Ashley) and Anthony (Jonathan Bailey). With Penelope taking center stage, I’m sure we are also going to see more from the Featheringtons as well. Maybe this will eventually tie up the ongoing storyline that has had them struggling since the series kicked off. Or, we might get even more drama from them. Who knows.

One thing I am hopeful for with Bridgerton‘s third season and the recent news of Franchesa’s recast with Hannah Dodd taking over the role is that we are going to get more focus on the younger siblings. I have been hopeful that Netflix would give us the beginning of Franchesca’s story, and with Dodd taking over and being more available for filming, we might just get the chance. Plus, more Benedict set up. Let us meet Sophie in season three, and similar to his novel, pull them apart for a bit before bringing them back together for season four.

How do you feel about this Bridgerton news? Are you ready for Polin to take flight? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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