Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about flowers and a big extravagant dinner. Sometimes it can be as simple as staying home with your loved ones and enjoying their company. But if you are looking to spice things up with a lovely gift, we have some ideas that are perfect for your nerdy loved ones!

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Wyrmwood Dice and Accessories

Is your significant other obsessed with tabletop role-playing games? Are they little dice goblins like myself? Then I highly suggest checking out Wyrmwood Gaming! They have everything, including dice, dice storage, dice towers, game tiles and even gaming furniture. The best part is that all of these are handmade by the company and each piece is made with the gamer in mind. You can even mix and match to create the perfect gift set!

Star Wars Peg Doll Pictures

Peg dolls of Han Solo and Princess Leia with the quote I love you and I know.

Is your significant other obsessed with Star Wars but still wants something a bit more elegant in their home? These peg doll pictures are the perfect answer to both! Relive one of the most iconic romances in Star Wars history or get a bit cheesy! They are adorable enough to decorate your family rooms or nerdy enough to decorate an office or game room! These even work as gifts from kids to their parents and vice versa!

Baby Yoda

I can’t talk about Star Wars without mentioning Baby Yoda. And I couldn’t just pick one thing for him. Because just look at that super adorable face! You could get him on a mug with a sweet sentiment or even a cute plush with candy! You honestly can’t go wrong with this charming little man. Even non-Valentine’s Day first that have him make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Catch Killers!

Now this one might seem a bit odd, but I think everyone has a small part of them that just wants to solve a murder mystery! This is why Hunt A Killer is perfect! The monthly subscription box comes with everything you need to start solving a fictional murder right in your own home. Search through evidence, break secret codes and uncover the mysteries. The best part is that this is the gift that keeps on giving. Make a monthly date night out of it and order some take out and really take on the persona of a private investigator!

Jewelry Worthy of an Avenger

Now I can’t ignore the fact that some of us really like getting jewelry for Valentine’s Day. But let’s take it up a notch and go Avengers-style. Instead of an everyday necklace, how about one with Thor’s hammer! Or how about a set of earrings to celebrate Disney Plus‘ new series WandaVision! Or if you really want them to cry tears of joy (and probably sadness), how about this Infinity Gauntlet necklace with a box that reminds them just how much you love them!

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Nerdy Makeup

Mary Poppins collection set from Bésame Cosmetics with pressed powder, blush and lipstick.

If your significant other loves make-up and nerdy things, then I have some perfect options for you! If classic Disney is one of their loves, then the Mary Poppins collection from Bésame Cosmetics is ideal! They have a collection set that includes a powder, a red lipstick and a cream blush, perfect for that classic look. Or embrace their anime-loving side with this Sailor Moon collection from ColourPop. It comes with eyeshadows, blushes, lip glosses and two glitter gels! The pastel color palette is perfect for creating the cutest looks!



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