National Voter Registration Day is here, folks! We’re 42 days out from Election Day, and NerdsVote is here to help you register to vote. Now, I’m sure you’ve seen it plastered all over social media — this particular election is the most important one yet. Complacency and apathy have no place in the voting booth. Thankfully, NerdsVote has been advocating for voter registration coupled with a healthy dose of nerd culture. 

So, what exactly does NerdsVote do? Before the COVID-19 pandemic, they helped convention goers register to vote. Yes, cosplayers, comic convention attendees, moderators, and more. Unfortunately, comic conventions have been put on the backburner — well, at least physical ones. In the interim, NerdsVote co-founders Courtenay Taylor and JP Karliak have been hosting a new show called Between 2 Nerds. Here’s a brief description from the NerdsVote “What We Do” page: 

We’ll chat with some of your favorite Notable Nerds, answer your questions, and deliver the latest voting news. Check out our schedule to find out who’s joining us next!

On said page, you can find a schedule of their upcoming Between 2 Nerds shows. You can tune in every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm PST/5pm EST to catch up on the most current voting news. But that’s not all!

NerdsVote also presents “5 Steps to Vote Like a Nerd,” which simultaneously serves as voter registration. Besides the standard registration, there’s also a widget called Ballot Ready that comprehensively explains every candidate and referendum. You can even type in your address to find out what’ll be on your next ballot. Additionally, you can search where your polling place is and when your next election takes place. It’s all there on one neat little nerdy page! 

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NerdsVote understands just how important it is to empower first-time voters, as well as voters of all ages, to head for the polls. 2020 is a big year in more ways than one. Click here to register to vote, and be sure to go here to find voter registration deadlines for your state. 



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