But we had been doing so well! We had conquered May with Captain America, X-Men, Spider Man and Godzilla. I thought we’d have it again this week with Edge of Tomorrow! What happened? I’ll tell ya, GIRLS! TWEENS! GIRL TWEENS!

The Fault in Our Stars killed the Box Office this weekend, raking in $48.2 million domestically. I saw Edge of Tomorrow on Friday. I loved it. Good, action-sci fi flick. On each of many bathroom breaks at the movie theatre, I encountered clusters of young girls, tweens and teenagers, crying. Standing in circles and crying and then giggling and then crying again. All week-end, I saw selfies posted by young girls of themselves crying during or after the movie.

It’s obvious that this novel turned movie has a strong effect on the people going to see it. That’s great. That’s art. This movie, whether I ever see it or not, has left a mark on these kids’ teenage years that they’ll never forget. I love that.

Our nerd hats are off to you, girls. You deserved the win this weekend.

(Although we still won the International Box Office this weekends, so…, so…, so in your face!)

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Audrey Kearns