Neil Gaiman is prepping for the launch of his TV adaptation of Good Omens, the book he co-authored with the late Terry Pratchett.  Amazon Studios made that show with Gaiman, and he was so impressed with them that he signed an overall deal with the streaming giant.  Variety reported Tuesday.

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His former pact with Fremantle, who produces American Gods, “has now expired”, though they will continue to work together on projects that started during their partnership; according to a spokesperson from the distribution company.  So, Gaiman has signed on to partner with Amazon, citing their willingness to make something so “weird” as Good Omens.  He said of his experience, “They are smart, gloriously enthusiastic people, who weren’t afraid of Good Omens being different but who were as determined as I was to make something as unique and exciting as it is”.  

Fans should be happy to hear that everyone behind Good Omens is so excited about it.  From the front it looks pretty good too.  The TV adaptation, written by Gaiman, stars Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex) as Aziraphale, David Tennant (Doctor Who) as Crowley and Jon Hamm (Mad Men) as Gabriel.  Not to mention Frances McDormand as God.  Yes.  

Here’s the production trailer from this year’s SDCC.  Get excited.  The end is nigh.  

Good Omens will premiere on Amazon Prime in 2019.  




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