The Walking Dead Season 9 is just around the corner (like 25 DAYS Y’ALL!) released an exclusive trailer that features words from the defeated villain, Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan)

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Since San Diego Comic Con, AMC has been releasing teasers, posters and bits of information about season nine that has fans in a frenzy.  They have been billing the first half of season nine as Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) final episodes. (Sad!)  As reported previously, there is a time jump and during that time, the survivors have begun rebuilding their communities.  And Negan seems to think that it’s all for him. 

As the communities work together to build and rebuild, Negan’s voice over says it’s not the future, but a monument to the dead.  One of the cutest moments is seeing Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) walk through Alexandria with Judith skipping along in her cowboy boots.  And Rick pays homage to Carl  by putting the boards with Carl and Judith’s hand prints on the wall. It kind of makes you want to cry.  But, there’s turmoil. The tension with the Saviors has never fully healed as we get to see more of Carol (Melissa McBride) trying to keep the peace.  And Negan continues his narrative saying Rick isn’t saving the world. He’s getting it ready for Negan.  

This is the first time we’ve heard from Negan since the SDCC Trailer.  It’s clear that Negan is just biding his time until he can get out of his cell. The real question is…is Negan stirring the pot from jail?  Check out the trailer below. 

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The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday October 7 in an extended episode. 


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