Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. We Americans proudly spend it with family and friends. We eat, drink, catch up on the past year, laugh and treasure the people around us. That is, until Aunt Denise says something really uncomfortable and then Cousin Kyle brings up the election and then everyone is yelling while doing dishes with bellies so full we may vomit all over innocent doggy, Max, ruining the previous day’s expensive grooming.

BUT NOW IT’S OKAY! BBC America released a trailer with a solution to our family crisis! A three day Star Trek marathon called Treksgiving! So when Grandma Rose tells you that she was a pole dancer before pole dancing was even a thing and that’s how she met Grandpa Holt, you can slip into the den where you’ve been sleeping, turn on the television or your mobile device and lose yourself in Trek.

Watch the trailer below. Honestly, it got me so excited that I’m thinking of causing problems during hors d’oeuvres so by the time dinner happens, we’ll all be angry, ignoring each other and watching Star Trek as a family in the TV room. Win, win!

Happy Treksgiving everyone! Watch the fun trailer below!

Audrey Kearns