There’s a new space alien comedy coming to NBC.  American Alien is written by Superstore co-executive producer Sierra Teller Ornelas.  Ornelas will produce the series with fellow Superstore producers America Ferrera and Teri Weinberg.  

Deadline reported the news Tuesday.  Here’s their brief description of the series….

American Alien centers around Denise “Dee Dee” and Sonny Mendoza, a small-town brother-and-sister team who struggle to keep their working-class jobs while also protecting vulnerable space aliens from everyday pitfalls in their hometown of Tucson, Arizona.

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                                                     Sierra Teller Ornelas

This is good news.  Sci-fi is filtering into mainstream television more and more, and we will all benefit.  Not to mention the fact that we at Geek Girl Authority know very well that Sierra Teller Ornelas is a brilliantly hilarious writer.  If you weren’t already a fan of her work on Happy Endings or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you should check out her contributions to our companion podcast, 5 Truths and a Lie.  

There are no other details on American Alien right now, as it’s still in development.  We’ll keep you updated. 

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