After 12 years away from Saturday nights, Natalie Portman returned to SNL to host this Saturday. She was funny and luminous and charming as ever as an alien lover, silent Nickelodeon host and a teenaged Eleven. But, the thing we were hoping for; the thing we were waiting for was the rapping. She gave it to us; hard core. 

First thing’s first. The best sketches of the night were also the weirdest. Each was, in its own way, really strange. In the first, Portman stars with Beck Bennett who gets the sketch rolling with the line ‘My face is my butt and my butt is my face.” He means it literally, and it just gets more bizarre from there. NSFW. 

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As a Nickelodeon host that lost her voice, Portman is truly hilarious. And, apparently, the solutions to losing your voice as you’re hosting a live awards show get more and more extreme as you go. This one made me laugh out loud.  

In a Stranger Things parody, Portman plays Eleven. It’s season three and all of the kids are older, and more… mature. But the great part about this sketch is that Eleven meets other kids with powers. Those powers are increasingly unimpressive, and have increasingly devastating and hilarious side effects. NSFW.

And, finally what we’ve all been waiting for. Portman was back to rap again. And, if you thought she was shocking in the first rap, buckle your seat belts. She’s been a mother for awhile now, and she’s got a much sharper, more violent edge. She’s got some stuff to say about the Star Wars prequels and there’s even a fun cameo at the end. This is definitely NSFW. But, it’s so good. 

Natalie Portman can be seen on the big screen in Annihilation starting February 22nd. 






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