Whenever I get down about what’s going on here on Earth, I look up.  There are amazing things going on in space; amazing human accomplishments taking place somewhere in the beyond.  NASA put out a video to-do list for 2018.  If you need some hope and inspiration, take a look.  You may be surprised.  

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I expected NASA to be doing things like inhabiting the space station, monitoring weather and climate change on earth, and even putting a robot on Mars.  But there were a few things in this video that made me go ‘oh good’ or ‘wow, I didn’t know that!’  and those things are most inspiring.  

I was most intrigued by the plan to launch a probe closer to the sun than ever before, fire thrusters with eco-friendly propellent and use space lasers to map forests on Earth.  Let’s face it, all you need to do is say ‘space lasers’ and you’ve peaked my attention.  And, forgive me, but if you’re not excited about the James Webb Space Telescope, you’re not a human being. 

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Take a look at this video and set your sights on the sky as we tumble head-long into 2018.   There is so much beauty in the stars and so much inspiration from the people working to touch them.  Happy New Year. 


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