Hail Jupiter.  The king reigns supreme in new photos released by NASA Monday.  They come from the Juno spacecraft, they were taken from closer than any photo before them, and they are absolutely breathtaking.  

Juno was only about an Earth’s diameter away from the great gas giant when it took photos of Jupiter’s atmosphere in December, 2017.  From 8,292 miles from the tops of Jupiter’s Jovian clouds, it captured an image that is not only other-worldly… it literally is.  It looks unreal.  Like, it’s painted.  And, though it is color corrected, the image is, in fact, a true one.  In that image, you see only the atmosphere.  The other’s give a look at horizons and the curvature of the planet. 

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What kind of violence and tumult must be taking place in those storms?  It truly inspires the imagination to wander out into the vastness of our solar system.  So, take a moment to take in the beauty that exists around us, in our own celestial back yard.  



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