The CW’s Naomi finally gives us some answers in “Worst Prom Ever” by starting off with a scene of Naomi (Kaci Walfall) speaking with her parents. Greg (Barry Watson) and Jennifer (Mouzam Makkar) explain they were called in to fix “the Tear,” a catastrophic environmental event that gave the twenty-nine their powers. In this conversation, they also admit to knowing Naomi’s birth parents. Consequently, Naomi pushes for the truth, and they admit to agreeing to hide her and keep her safe if anything happened to her birth parents. Their conversation ends with them agreeing to do whatever Naomi would like – run or fight. 

Afterward, Naomi and Annabelle (Mary-Charles Jones) get ready for prom. She tells Annabelle she doesn’t want to think about anything other than prom for the night. She vows tonight is about fixing things with Nathan (Daniel Puig). 

We see a flashback of Nathan and Naomi’s first meeting in the comic book store. While it was a meet-cute, the two disagreed on comics, with Nathan actually upsetting Naomi. 

Back in the present, Nathan and Jacob (Aidan Gemme) wait for the girls as Greg reminds them of how important it is to respect women and their time. He also reminds them he’s in the military. Both are in awe when the girls appear, dressed and ready for prom night. 

Naomi standing in her parent's house listening to their story.

While the foursome enjoys prom, Naomi hears a low hum and has flashes of memories from her time at S.T.A.R Labs and her encounter with Mac (Briana Venskus). After hearing the hum, the lights go out in the gym. Luckily, the DJ has power so the night can continue, but Naomi and Annabelle take their leave to the bathroom instead. 

At the army base, Greg finds out Agent Davis (Kurt Yue) is evaluating the task force, and Agent Davis informs Greg of an incident at S.T.A.R. Labs. They watch on monitors as their men investigate, locating a force field and activating it. When he sees it, Greg urges Agent Davis that they need to retreat. 

Simultaneously, Naomi discovers a force field at the school. When she tries to retreat to reach Zumbado (Cranston Johnson) or Dee (Alexander Wraith), she realizes they are trapped. Annabelle, Jacob and Naomi return to the bathroom and discuss their options with Annabelle, suggesting they try to reach out to Dee on CB radio.

After they come up with a plan, Naomi runs into Nathan while she’s looking for some of the DJ’s equipment to help contact Dee. Nathan presses for what’s going on, and she lies, saying she’s helping Jacob with a project. When she makes it back with all the equipment Jacob needs, they radio Dee. He agrees to come to them after she explains what’s happening, but a voice sending Brutus’s regards interrupts. 

The person reveals themselves as Julian (Owen Harn), asking Naomi to meet them in the east wing before threatening the lives of those at prom. As soon as their interaction ends, Nathan bursts through the doors questioning them. When Naomi doesn’t answer, he walks away. 

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Naomi follows, finally telling him the truth about her being from another planet. She also tells him she’s not human. As she expresses her fears, he wraps her in his arms, promising her he’s there for her.  

Dee informs Naomi’s parents and Zumbado of what he saw when he went to the high school. With the information, Zumbado deduces this is the work of Mac and Julian. They plan to shut down the device, but realize until they can get in, Naomi will have to protect herself. 

Back at the high school, they plan to create a make-shift panic room for the prom-goers. Naomi meets Julian in the east wing without alerting her friends. Julian gives her a choice to either save her friends or her classmates.

Jacob, Nathan, Naomi, Alie and Annabelle posing for a photo in their prom outfits.

At the same time, the adults realize their attempt to disable the force field is a decoy. Naomi is on her own. 

Naomi and her friends weigh her options and Jacob helps with a resolution. With the activation of super speed, Naomi can disable both force fields by running from one end of the school to the other within one second to deactivate them. 

After the adults check on them, Naomi and Nathan share the last dance of the night. The two talk of danger and sacrifice. They mutually agree they can’t be together with Naomi’s destiny, pulling her in a different direction. Nathan promises he will always be there, even if he understands they can’t be together. 

This episode truly put Naomi to the test! It had such sweet moments and flashbacks to how she met Nathan and their time together. There was a moment of symmetry. When she first met him, he didn’t believe in superheroes. Now, Nathan is the first person to call Naomi a hero, and he tells her he believes in them now. 

The two shared such a bittersweet moment with Naomi realizing being with him while she explores her destiny puts him in danger. 

I loved that Naomi had to save the day without the adults in this episode. It establishes the hero moment for her, and Nathan reinforces it. 

I can’t wait to see what Brutus tries next!

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