The CW’s Naomi returns from hiatus with season 1 episode 10, “Fallout.” I was most looking forward to getting some answers from this episode after previously finding out the McDuffies are also aliens.

In the opening scene, Jennifer (Mouzam Makkar) and Greg (Barry Watson) beg Naomi (Kaci Walfall) to give them a chance to explain. She denies them that and leaves home to stay with Annabelle (Mary-Charles Jones) for a reprieve from distrusting her parents. When Naomi expresses displeasure with her parents keeping her in the dark on this, Annabelle offers words of comfort.

Setting out on a journey for the truth, she meets with Zumbado (Cranston Johnson) and Dee (Alexander Wraith). They explain to her that the McDuffies are also from Earth-29, but they don’t have abilities. Their differences are on the molecular level. Further adding to her distrust, Zumbado admits to knowing about Greg and Jennifer.

Mac (Briana Venskus) visits Akira (Stephanie March), revealing that Brutus sent her. She propositions Akira to help Brutus defeat Naomi as they now know she’s on this earth. Akira declines.

Zumbado sitting on a desk in his office.

Naomi and Annabelle visit her birth rock. She uses her ability to see through objects to find a cube within the rock. Naomi retrieves the cube from within before they return to Annabelle’s. She attempts to reach out to Nathan (Daniel Puig), but he’s been ghosting her.

Recalling the bar Dee once told her about, Naomi skips school to visit the bar for answers about the cube. Lourdes (Camila Moreno) agrees to drive her. The two enjoy throwbacks and selfies on the road trip.

Greg visits Zumbado at his dealership, blaming Zumbado for setting her down a path to the truth. He reveals Naomi is still in danger from the military. He asked for Zumbado’s help to erase Naomi’s energy signature from the S.T.A.R Labs site. While there, the two disagree on Naomi’s destiny and what’s best for her.

Annabelle goes to pick up some things for Naomi at her place and runs into Jennifer. She asks Annabelle to talk to Naomi and relay her apologies. Annabelle promptly leaves when Jennifer gets emotional. She then visits Zumbado, asking him to retrieve the items she meant to pick up.

The bouncer of the bar stands guard, refusing to let Naomi in. She reveals the cube, and it draws unwanted attention. Akira rescues her, and the two talk at Lourdes’s comic shop. Akira explains the cube allows travel between dimensions. It’s a transmatter cube she hid inside a rock in case Naomi ever wanted to go back to Earth-29.

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Naomi encounters Principal Brooks (Jonathan D. Williams) at the record store, and he calls her parents because she skipped school. The McDuffies lecture her on skipping school and advise her to come home. Instead, she trains with Dee, who gives her advice.

Akira visits Zumbado, telling him of her encounter with Naomi and the cube. She informs him of Mac confronting her. Although Zumbado doesn’t trust her, she insists she came to warn him.

Lourdes and Naomi dancing together.

Lourdes invites Naomi to a party at a shipyard. She and Annabelle attend and Lourdes misreads the signals between them. Lourdes attempts to kiss Naomi and the two disagree on their friendship and Lourdes’s feelings.

Mac propositions Naomi to join Brutus. When she declines, the two come to blows. Akira and Zumbado arrive to help Naomi, but Mac leaves, vowing that Akira would regret choosing the wrong side.

Naomi returns home but tells her parents she’s not ready to talk. The pair assures her they will always be there for her.

Akira and Zumbado share a drink and discuss the weight of placing the fate of an entire planet on Naomi’s shoulders. They agree to protect Naomi and the people she loves from Brutus.

We really see Naomi’s character development happen week after week. It showed so much maturity to stop running away from the answers she knows she needs at home.

I loved this episode, but it was a tad frustrating not knowing the answers surrounding her family. Though I understand why she would decide not to hear it right then. She just had to deal with the fact that her parents knew all she was going through and still allowed her to feel alone.

I’m always a Jennifer and Greg fan, but I need to know why they kept this from her and how they came to be her parents. So many people were in on this secret and knew they were from Earth-29, too. I hope next week we get the answers to the burning questions about Greg and Jennifer. 

Naomi airs Tuesdays at 9 pm on The CW. You can stream it the next day on The CW app.

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