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Deadline, reported late yesterday that names are coming out in the search for Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming shows, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

The Jessica Jones series is reported to come out before Luke Cage, with Luke Cage making appearances in half of the season. Actresses being looked at currently are:

Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad)


Alexandra Daddario (True Detective)


Teresa Palmer (Sorcerer’s Apprentice)


Jessica De Gouw (Arrow, as Huntress)


And, added today, is Marin Ireland (The Divide)


As for Luke Cage, we’ve got

Lance Gross (Crisis)


Mike Colter (The Good Wife)


And out today is Cleo Anthony.


Cleo Anthony has fewer credits according to IMDB, mostly consisting of small co-star roles. But, hey. Look at that dude. He could be the Power Man Luke Cage.

After Daredevil comes out sometime in 2015, we’re slated to get Jessica Jones next, getting a majority of her story from Bendis’ grapic novel, Alias, where we see Jessica Jones has hung up the tights due to a nasty bout of post-traumatic stress disorder after facing a terrifying villain named The Purple Man. She ends up opening her own detective agency to help people out, typically dealing with superhero mysteries.

She goes from this:


To this.


This is where the Netflix series picks up with her.

Oh, and Jessica Jones has the power of flight, superhuman endurance, super strength and is borderline bulletproof.

Luke Cage will co-star in a 6-7 episodes of Jessica Jones (which makes sense since they get married and have an adorable baby in the comics).


From there, Cage will headline his own series after that. He is super strong, has bulletproof skin and is the very definition of don’t-screw-with-me alpha male.


And then, AND THEN, we get Iron Fist Danny Rand. These four heroes will then band together for a mini-series starring all of them.

What a marvelous age we geeks live in.

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