DISCLAIMER: This recap of Mythic Quest episode “Titans’ Rift” is laden with spoilers. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome, Mythic Quest lovers! Our merry ragtag band of dorks is back in action and I couldn’t be happier. While “Everlight” is a tough episode to top, “Titans’ Rift” is an excellent season premiere. As an ardent Rachel/Dana fan, I’m wholeheartedly satisfied with the outcome of their will-they-won’t-they situation. Mark that off as “they did,” y’all! Here’s hoping that the show doesn’t throw too many wrenches their way.

Another highlight of this outing is Poppy’s incessant sex dreams involving Ian, occasionally C.W. and sometimes David. Of course, these titillating dreams lend themselves to a breakthrough — the new name for the expansion. “Titans’ Rift” is quintessential Mythic Quest. Hilarious and heartwarming. 

Ready to delve into “Titans’ Rift”? Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) and Ian (Rob McElhenney) staring at a whiteboard in their shared office as co-creative directors. Equals! Nobody is under the other. They’re on the same playing field. Montreal needs a new name for the expansion. Raven’s Banquet is no more. As per their usual, both of them have different ideas regarding the title. Ian decides to take a brief sabbatical to become more one with his body. We all know he’s just joining other 40-somethings in the desert who are obsessed with MMA. Poppy is left in the video game tundra all by her lonesome. 

Next, Ian suggests that Poppy should unwind. Exercise. Eat out. Take a lover. Perhaps a good bang session will get the creative juices flowing. We cut to a dimly lit room wherein Poppy finishes doing the deed. She asks her partner if it was good for them. We see it’s Ian lying next to her. He blatantly proclaims that it was, well, bad. Bad sex. Suddenly, Poppy wakes up after the sex dream she had about Ian. 

Still of Imani Hakim and Ashly Burch in Mythic Quest episode "Titans' Rift."

Imani Hakim and Ashly Burch in “Mythic Quest” season two, premiering May 7, 2021 on Apple TV+.

Later, at work, we see Rachel (Ashly Burch) and Dana (Imani Hakim) are testing a game in silence. Well, save for the stolen glances that speak volumes. Poppy barges in right as Rachel is about to broach a hot button topic. Pops is in need of some girl talk. The kind that’s rife with thinly-veiled threats and Poppy’s signature pushiness.

Both Dana and Rachel guess that Poppy had a steamy dream that involved their boss. Dana nonchalantly discloses that she also had a dream about Ian. It’s totally normal. Nothing sexual about it. In fact, it’s really all about power. Rachel is bewildered and disappointed by this declaration. After Poppy departs, Rachel withdraws.

Then, Rachel approaches Carol (Naomi Ekperigin) in the parking lot. Carol isn’t having it. She already knows what Rachel wants to discuss before the latter opens her mouth. Rachel begins to spiral. What if Dana isn’t gay? What if she’s questioning? Carol urges her to cool it and just open up to Dana. Talk it out. 

Meanwhile, David (David Hornsby) enters Poppy’s office. He reveals that Ian has scampered off to Tempe for his retreat. David demands that Poppy give him a name for the new expansion. Otherwise, Montreal will saddle them with an undesirable one. She pulls “Mythic Quest: Sea of Ashes” out of her ass. David runs with it. 

Next, Poppy has yet another sex dream about Ian. This time … it’s still bad. The sex is still bad. But this time milk is inexplicably involved. I’m wagering it’s an excuse to get McElhenney shirtless. C.W. (F. Murray Abraham) is also present. He feels uninspired by it all. 

At the office, David is chatting with Sue (Caitlin McGee). He tells her the story of what transpired between him and Poppy the day before. But there’s something amiss with this retelling. He makes himself sound more assertive than he really is. Poppy barges in and urges David to scrap the “Sea of Ashes” idea. It’s “uninspired.” Poppy is tired of being a pushover. She puts her foot down. He’s not the boss of her! Oh, but he is. 

Later, David has an awkward run-in with Brad (Danny Pudi) and Jo (Jessie Ennis). Jo left him to be Brad’s assistant. Brad’s hope is that Jo will glean so much information from him that she’ll inevitably become his enemy and ultimately devour him. That’s the typical trajectory for apprentices, right? The aforementioned run-in feels like a cringey encounter post-breakup. David storms off into Poppy’s office as he tries to regain a sense of authority. 

Still of Danny Pudi and Jessie Ennis in Mythic Quest episode "Titans' Rift."

Danny Pudi and Jessie Ennis in “Mythic Quest” season two, premiering May 7, 2021 on Apple TV+.

Now, Dana stealthily approaches Carol while the latter is eating lunch. She wants to discuss Rachel. Dana doesn’t seem to know what she wants. Rachel is immensely analytical, but Dana isn’t like that. Carol doles out the same advice she gave Rachel — talk it out. 

Next, David is feverishly scribbling on the whiteboard in Poppy’s office. He’s trying to come up with a title for the expansion. So far, he has “Sea of Nazis” repeatedly scrawled on said whiteboard. That might not resonant with audiences, dude. Ian wanders in, fresh from his little MMA camp. He effortlessly puts David in a headlock. Ian pacifies David and proceeds to whisper the name of the expansion in his ear. Then, Ian pushes David’s head down and…

Poppy wakes up. She just had another sex dream, but this time she wasn’t the one partaking in the coitus. Poppy goes into her office to find David asleep, cradling Ian’s shovel and donning his many, many rings. He was trying to get into Ian’s headspace so he could conjure up a great name. But Poppy has it.

Get ready for … drum roll, please … Titans’ Rift! David digs it. He inquires as to how she thought of it. Poppy tries to circumvent the steamy dream bit, but David addresses the sexual elephant in the room. In fact, he’s also had sex dreams about Ian. It’s a power thing. Poppy admits that she dreamt of Ian and David doing it while C.W. observed from afar. But hey, it got her a sweet name for the expansion!

Still of David Hornsby in Mythic Quest episode "Titans' Rift."

David Hornsby in “Mythic Quest” season two, premiering May 7, 2021 on Apple TV+.

Then, we see Rachel waiting for Dana in the parking lot. She looks incredibly nervous. Dana emerges from the darkness. She too looks anxious. Rachel opens the floor for conversation, but Dana goes in for the gold. She kisses Rachel. Sometimes you just have to go for it. The episode ends with another adorable smooch. My heart is happy. Carol sagely advises them not to f*ck in the office. 

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I love that ending so much! Season One gave us a nice slow burn for Dana and Rachel, but it was time to take it to the next level, in my humble opinion. “Titans’ Rift” has some great scenes with Poppy and David, which we didn’t get a lot of last season. Nicdao and Hornsby are fantastic together. The bit wherein they’re discussing their shared Ian sex dreams is hysterical. Notably, Poppy’s “imitation” of what sex is. Nicdao always delivers on the comedic front, but that moment may be one of my favorite Poppy moments thus far. 

Not to mention, I dig that most folks appear to be somewhat attracted to Ian (most). David’s question at the end regarding whether he “satisfied” Ian in the dream definitely feels in line with his character. The character work on this show makes this TV nerd (me) very content. 

Do you think Ian will like the name “Titans’ Rift”? Will Rachel and Dana be able to navigate their blossoming relationship with ease? How long do we have to wait before Jo wholly devours Brad? Stick around as I recap episode two of Mythic Quest, which is now streaming on Apple TV Plus.

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