DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Mythic Quest episode “The 12 Hours of Christmas” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

FIREBALL! There’s nothing I adore more than a good ole-fashioned holiday-themed TV episode. Everything seems significantly more magical with decorations and zany festive antics. As expected, Mythic Quest‘s Christmas outing is heartwarming and chaotic in equal measure. The snarky humor is in full force, but the Christmas decor injects that layer of sickeningly sweet holiday magic. I love it. 

Ready to delve into “The 12 Hours of Christmas”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with a festively decorated MQ. Exhausted and overworked employees sit at their desks. David (David Hornsby) and Jo (Jessie Ennis) burst out of the former’s office, decked head to toe in the trendiest of holiday outfits. Jo tries to be David’s hype lady as he attempts to inject some Christmas spirit into his dispirited employees. We learn it’s Christmas morning in New Zealand, and everyone’s at the office to ensure the servers don’t crash as they get an influx of players from around the world. 

Ian smiles while standing in the MQ headquarters and talking to David in Mythic Quest Season 3 Episode 6, "The 12 Hours of Christmas."

MYTHIC QUEST — Season 3 Episode 6, “The 12 Hours of Christmas.” Photo courtesy of Apple TV+.

While they don’t have chili, David promises cookies, hot cocoa and a craft station for when the minutes crawl by. Ian (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) pop up from GrimPop to spend Christmas with the MQ family. Well, Ian claims he brought Poppy to the holiday party because she has nobody to hang with for Christmas. What a benevolent soul! David allows them to stay. 

Meanwhile, Jo gives Poppy a necklace for Christmas — a fragment from the car she destroyed with that tank. It’s the magic of brunch, baby. Poppy is flattered, but she didn’t buy anything for Jo. Jo calls Poppy out for “doing friendship wrong.” Rachel (Ashly Burch) shows Dana (Imani Hakim) the monetization room, with Brad (Danny Pudi) lurking over their shoulders. Brad’s in the holiday spirit because Christmas means capitalism.

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The trio discusses the latest pack MQ is introducing for Christmas, which will raise money for the company. Brad believes they should hike up the price and make it available to a select few players, while Rachel advocates for availability for all and a more affordable price. But Brad doesn’t have time for Christmas socialism! Dana encourages her girl to go with her gut. 

Jo puts a necklace around Poppy's neck in Mythic Quest Season 3 Episode 6, "The 12 Hours of Christmas."

MYTHIC QUEST — Season 3 Episode 6, “The 12 Hours of Christmas.” Photo courtesy of Apple TV+.

Next, Ian and Poppy reveal they bribed David to stay by giving him 100 bucks. Well, they did it under the guise of the other person not having anyone with whom to spend Christmas. How thoughtful. Honestly, they’re two peas in a pod. The pair realize they must do something to raise employee morale quickly before David busts out the karaoke. Rachel tries things her way. She and Dana marvel at how much money our new HOMIE made for MQ. 

Jo gives Rachel the same necklace she made for Poppy. Rachel reacts similarly to Poppy, claiming she didn’t buy a present for Jo. That’s two people who friendship-ed incorrectly. David and Jo don Victorian-esque outfits for the company-wide karaoke session. Jo laments Poppy and Rachel’s friendship faux pas, while David encourages her to keep her chin up. When they head outside, they notice the staff is MIA. 

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Later, David heads to GrimPop to find a holiday-themed dance party with booze and glowsticks. There’s also Poppy’s Porsche in the center of the floor, which Ian and Pops plan to gift one employee as a prize. David finds a handful of workers making out. Hey, it’s Christmas. Don’t Scrooge ’em. David sees the dance party culprits and confronts them for throwing this shindig without his permission. David wanted to do Christmas right this year and break the Ian chain. 

Dana and Rachel stand next to each other while smiling in Mythic Quest Season 3 Episode 6, "The 12 Hours of Christmas."

MYTHIC QUEST — Season 3 Episode 6, “The 12 Hours of Christmas.” Photo courtesy of Apple TV+.

David announces to the party that Christmas is canceled and orders his employees to resume work. Bah-humbug, indeed. Brad and Jo reunite in the employee kitchen, and they both relay their experiences with crushing defeat and how they debased themselves to make people like them. Brad with Rachel, and Jo with Poppy and Rachel. Both vow to learn from their experiences and forge ahead. Ever the lions. Or killer whales. [Insert apex predator here]

Then, Rachel bursts into the kitchen area with news — she earned one million dollars for the company via the new pack. She did things her way! Unfortunately, David and the employees overheard her not-so-humblebrag and said employees realize there’s no Christmas bonus this year. 

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Later, Ian and Poppy try to apologize to David, but he refuses to see them. Instead, he curls up in a ball in his office and nurses a bottle of whiskey. Meanwhile, Rachel asks Brad to help her remedy the situation. She wants everyone to like her. Brad, a.k.a. Emperor Palpatine, advises Rachel, a.k.a. Darth Vader, not to go that route. Dana, a.k.a. Yoda (b*tch), agrees with Brad. If you try too hard to bring people to your side, it’ll come off as just that. Brad believes there’s a way to combine capitalism and socialism — they can work together to fix the issue. 

Brad smiles while looking at Rachel and Dana in Mythic Quest Season 3 Episode 6, "The 12 Hours of Christmas."

MYTHIC QUEST — Season 3 Episode 6, “The 12 Hours of Christmas.” Photo courtesy of Apple TV+.

Next, David wakes on Christmas morning. He and Jo venture outside his office to find the main office covered in fake snow. There’s a massive Christmas tree in the center, a chili station and festive decorations. Ian enlisted the aid of the always-harried art department to pull this off. Rachel thanks David for the Christmas bonuses, encouraging the rest of the employees to express their gratitude. 

Poppy and Rachel mend fences with Jo by giving her a game the former created with Playpen. Now, Jo can crush brunch ladies with her massive tank. It’s perfect. Jo forgives her pals and embraces them. They should have brunch every week and go on vacation together. It’s go big or go home for Jo. Lastly, the gang gathers together to sing for a live stream. They all belt out “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late).” It’s super cute. That is, until everyone starts coughing and wonders where the falling fake snow came from. It wouldn’t be Mythic Quest without something being amiss. 

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Is it just me, or did Rob McElhenney infuse Ian with an extra dose of Mac in this episode? When Ian wanted to kick down David’s door, it screamed of all the times on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (specifically Season 4 Episode 8) when Mac believed he could roundhouse kick something. Admittedly, it made me giddy. I love when my worlds collide, especially when those worlds involve the same creatives. 

All in all, “The 12 Hours of Christmas” does precisely what it’s supposed to — it delivers holiday cheer with a side of clever humor and trademark Mythic Quest shenanigans. Every episode should be a Christmas episode. 

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