DISCLAIMER: This recap of Mythic Quest episode “Grouchy Goat” is riddled with spoilers. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Mythic Quest-ers! Episode two a.k.a. “Grouchy Goat” christened Rachel and Dana’s bona fide romance along with Brad’s quest to create a mobile game. Poppy and Ian repeatedly clashed over the artistic aspects of Titans’ Rift. You know, just a regular day at the office. Jo’s emotional range was on full display in “Grouchy Goat.” But the real highlight of this episode was Poppy’s speech. Charlotte Nicdao killed it and then some. It was rife with humor and even a smattering of heartbreak. 

Ready to delve into “Grouchy Goat”? Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with a new streamer kid on the block — SnickrSnack. Apparently, he’s the new Pootie Shoe. Brad (Danny Pudi) is showing this kid to Jo (Jessie Ennis). He wants to create a mobile game that rakes in the big bucks. Initially, he shoos Jo away from it, as she doesn’t have that “millennial stink” despite her age. Jo interprets that as a challenge. Consider it accepted. She’ll bring him the stink. 

Next, Rachel (Ashly Burch) and Dana (Imani Hakim) are holding hands in the elevator. They’re utterly smitten with one another. Rachel believes they should be transparent and disclose their relationship to everyone. Jo catches them holding hands. The cat’s out of the bag! But really, she just “caught” them being late to work. Rachel and Dana admit that they’re an item now. Jo blurts it out to everyone in the office, but nobody seems to care. 

Still of Danny Pudi in Mythic Quest episode "Grouchy Goat."

Danny Pudi in “Mythic Quest” season two, premiering May 7, 2021 on Apple TV+.

Then, Jo leads Dana and Rachel to Brad’s office. He’s got a proposition for them. He asks them to work with him on his mobile game. Jo is assigned to work alongside them much to her dismay. Once again, the lovebirds reveal that they’re dating. Brad couldn’t care less. 

Meanwhile, Ian (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy (Nicdao) are sitting with the art department. Ian is describing a majestic landscape in intricate detail. He’s very meticulous here. Poppy scoffs at his “castle dripping with antiquity” line. Ian claims that he just inspires people. Poppy notes that it’s emotional manipulation, to which Ian inquires about the difference between the two. Poppy asks for something different from the art team. Ian orders the group to work on both of their respective visions. Then, if they don’t like one, they can pitch it. Yay for extra work!

Later, Dana and Rachel are in mo-cap suits testing out characters for Brad’s game. They both clash over their contrasting ideas. Rachel wants to deliver a game with a poignant, thought-provoking message. Dana believes the game should be silly, mindless fun. She creates a goat character aptly named “Grouchy Goat.” 

Next, Poppy and Ian barge into David’s (David Hornsby) office. Well, he actually called them in. Poppy demands to have a new art team at her disposal since the current department only listens to Ian. David refuses to relent. He reminds Poppy that she’s supposed to speak at a Women in Gaming event. She can’t back out of that. Ian rouses inspiration with his eloquent description of caulk. 

Still of Rob McElhenney in Mythic Quest episode "Grouchy Goat."

Rob McElhenney in “Mythic Quest” season two, premiering May 7, 2021 on Apple TV+.

Meanwhile, Dana shows Rachel a mockup of the Grouchy Goat in action. She spent all night working on it. Rachel attempts to conceal her real reaction to it, but Dana catches on. It stinks, and not of the millennial variety. Jo interrupts to ask if the pair are having their first fight. Rachel lashes out at Jo, which causes the latter to withdraw. She begins verbally beating herself up. It’s clear that Jo’s assertive persona is really a façade. Jo has a bright idea that might take this game to the next level. Backstory!

Then, we see C.W. (F. Murray Abraham) on a laptop screen. He offers a verbose yet enthralling bit of backstory that he wrote for the “Grouchy Ghost.” Dana and Rachel inform him that it’s actually “Grouchy Goat.” They decide to scrap the backstory altogether. Dana still asserts that a backstory isn’t necessary for a silly mobile game. Rachel believes that the goat has to “say something.” 

Later, David and Ian are waiting for Poppy at the gaming event. Ian had her dress up to the nines. We see Poppy emerge in a black dress and heels. Ian assures her that folks only listen to hot people. That’s just the way it is. She tries to crack jokes and farts, but Ian’s not having it. He tells her she’s not funny. Oh, but she is! He urges her to adhere to what’s written on the teleprompter. McElhenney unleashes a bit of Mac during this scene. I almost expected him to procure a bottle of Fight Milk or rip the sleeves off his shirt. 

Meanwhile, Rachel and Dana are about to meet with Brad to pitch the new mobile game. Jo had the art department draw up sketches of objects and characters (the Grouchy Goat) in said game. C.W. is on the laptop for emotional support or just to creepily stare at Brad in silence. Probably the latter. 

They commence their pitch with graphics of a slaughterhouse and bleak dialogue. Brad’s not into it. He shuts it down. Rachel apologizes to Dana for sullying her vision. Thankfully, this faux pas doesn’t appear to derail their new romance. 

Still of Charlotte Nicdao in Mythic Quest episode "Grouchy Goat."

Charlotte Nicdao in “Mythic Quest” season two, premiering May 7, 2021 on Apple TV+.

Now, Poppy gives her speech. She kickstarts it by reading the words Ian wrote on the teleprompter. However, she realizes that she needs her glasses. She slips them on. This follows with her kicking off her shoes and unzipping the back of her dress.

Then, she unleashes a string of farts (I assume. She did have crab toast.). Poppy’s monologue quickly devolves into a rant about not knowing anything and spending so much of her time at work in tears. We see her resist the urge to cry on the spot. Damn, Nicdao really shines here. It’s a beautifully vulnerable and hysterical moment. After she finishes, Poppy expects total silence to reign supreme. Thankfully, we hear the crowd burst into raucous, boisterous applause. She’s relatable!

Next, Ian admits to David that he wrote her speech. Additionally, he purposefully planted the crab toast because “she’s a hot mess.” In turn, David reveals that Poppy called him the night before claiming she was nervous. She’d only feel better about the whole shebang if he gave her a new art team. Ian replies that Poppy called him and said the opposite. She was excited and asked him to pen her speech. Poppy deviously and cleverly played them both. Like a boss. That’s my girl.

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“Grouchy Goat” is another fun Mythic Quest outing that’s chock full of equal parts heart and hilarity. I really love how everyone reacted to the news of Dana and Rachel’s relationship. Nobody cared. That’s how it should be! Every kind of romantic pairing should be normalized and fully integrated into our society. Let people live how they want to live. Love is love.

Poppy and Ian’s dynamic has always intrigued me. “Grouchy Goat” definitely toys with said dynamic. Last season, there were hints of that will-they-won’t-they, but I’m not sure if Mythic Quest will officially go there this season. Nor am I sure if they should. They’re both too similar and highly competitive to really embark on a relationship. 

Again, Nicdao’s monologue steals the episode for me. It encapsulates how we all feel on any given day — clueless, scared and utterly intimidated. Crab toast farts and all. God bless this show. 

Will Brad ever get his mobile game? Will the show alter Poppy and Ian’s already interesting dynamic? How many inadvertently inappropriate things will C.W. spout this season? Join me next week as I recap Mythic Quest, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Mythic Quest is available to stream on Fridays, only on Apple TV Plus. 

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