DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Mythic Quest special episode “Everlight” is laden with spoilers. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome, royalty and peasants! Warriors and clerics! Inebriated HR sirens! Mythic Quest bestowed upon us a bountiful blessing by way of “Everlight,” its special episode. It’s a balm for the soul. An absolute delight. Mythic Quest has always toed the line between fantasy and realism, but “Everlight” crossed into full-fledged fantasy territory. Of course, when your series is about a magical video game, making that jump should be seamless. 

Not to mention, there were clever witticisms aplenty and even a smattering of character development. Ian and Poppy officially embarked on their reign as co-creative directors for the company. While this was cloaked under the guise of being king and queen for a team LARP game, the pair finally managed to put their competitiveness aside and work together. 

Ready to delve into “Everlight”? Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with a stunning animated sequence with narration by Anthony Hopkins. Yes, that one. Kudos to the Mythic Quest Powers That Be for snagging Hopkins. He regales us with a tale about a magical kingdom that succumbs to darkness. The inhabitants lose all hope and relent to despair.

However, one need only find the Sword of Light to cast out said darkness and instill hope back into the people. A tournament is held to find the most worthy champion. An unlikely contestant rises through the ranks and successfully seizes the sword. Huzzah!

Still of David Hornsby and Jessie Ennis in Mythic Quest episode "Everlight."

Jessie Ennis and David Hornsby in “Everlight,” a special episode of “Mythic Quest,” premiering April 16 on Apple TV+.

Next, we’re in the present. David (David Hornsby) and Jo (Jessie Ennis) are en route to the Everlight gathering, an annual tournament that’s held in the name of team morale. Both are eager to embark on their journey. Apparently, David was crowned champion the previous year, much to Jo’s surprise. It’s still difficult for me to separate David from Rickety Cricket (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t have the “hips and nips” thing going for him.

Then, the pair arrive to find an elaborately decorated space for the Everlight LARP game. Ian (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) are sat upon their respective thrones as king and queen of the land. Meanwhile, the employees of Mythic Quest are dressed to the nines in intricate costumes. Rachel (Ashly Burch) is a warrior while Dana (Imani Hakim) is a cleric. Brad (Danny Pudi) isn’t participating because he believes LARPing is for nerds. He’s Brad from Monetization, for crying out loud! 

The only person missing is C.W. (F. Murray Abraham), who’s playing his Master of Ceremonies role while on video. Remember, COVID-19 and the pandemic exist in this world (See that brilliant Quarantine episode for proof.). So, Poppy exercises caution by asking C.W. to stay at home. That’s because C.W.’s ego is much more fortified than his immune system. 

After C.W.’s ceremonious opening speech, the Tournament of the Dawn commences. Whoever emerges as victor gets to wield the sword and bring light back to the kingdom. Poppy wants to compete, but Ian reminds her that royalty doesn’t participate. They watch from the sidelines. The competition is to help strengthen team morale.

Still of Charlotte Nicdao and Rob McElhenney in Mythic Quest episode "Everlight."

“Everlight,” a special episode of “Mythic Quest” premiering April 16 on Apple TV+.

However, Poppy believes Ian’s afraid to compete because he’d lose. Ian goes full-on Mac for a moment when he emphatically states that he’d beat the sh*t out of everyone. He proceeds to prove his point by deftly throwing a tennis ball at Poppy and knocking her down. It all happens rather quickly. Ian can actually deliver on his promise of ass-kicking, unlike Mac. Mac’s still cultivating mass. 

Now, Poppy and Ian decide to switch things up a bit. Instead of individual competitors taking center stage, they’re going to have the fighters pair up. Jo is dismayed to learn that David is her partner. But Ian planned it this way — Jo’s energy for the tournament is encroaching the Danger Zone, so David will prove to be an adequate buffer. Rachel is elated that Dana is her partner. Ian and Poppy want “the testers” to be the underdogs that everyone roots for. Huzzah!

Meanwhile, David encounters Brad in the bathroom. Brad is his usual antagonistic yet stoic self. He’s dismissive regarding the Tournament of the Dawn. Pudi here is so anti-Abed that it’s off-putting at times. That being said, it also proves just how gifted of an actor he is. 

Then, we’re blessed with a montage. David and Jo take on their opponents with successful results. Jo proves to be quite voracious as “The Executioner.” She relishes in every kill. It makes me wonder whether she’s actually murdered someone before. Rachel and Dana also kick ass as our fave tag-teaming testers.

David forfeits the tournament because Jo is way too violent. This throws a wrench in Ian and Poppy’s plans. So, they approach the one person left at their disposal: Brad. He agrees to compete alongside Jo, but under one condition. If he wins, Everlight must be canceled forever. Huzzah?

Still of Danny Pudi in Mythic Quest episode "Everlight."

Jessie Ennis and Danny Pudi in “Everlight,” a special episode of “Mythic Quest” premiering April 16 on Apple TV+.

Next, Brad steps in with a lame LARP name, but an extensive background in fencing. So, he has that going for him. He teams up with Jo to square off against Dana and Rachel. Jo is mercilessly slaughtered. She gives the best death speech one can give. Just when Dana and Rachel are about to celebrate their victory, Brad “stabs” Rachel in the back. It’s up to Dana to claim victory now. These two better get together in Season Two. 

Then, Dana tries to reach for the Sword of Light. Unfortunately, Brad “kills” her with an arrow. Oh, he minored in archery in college. This makes Brad the lone victor. Everlight hath been canceled for all eternity. Huzzah (sad face).

Now, Poppy and Ian try to brainstorm a way to ensure Everlight’s safety from the cancellation ax. Brad can’t win. Darkness can’t prevail over light. Ian fails to comprehend the symbolism in Everlight, which is something he wrote. It’s a very Ian thing to do. Even though he swore up and down that royalty can’t compete, desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Thus, an epic finale battle unfurls. We see Poppy and Ian suit up to duke it out with Brad. Suddenly, their fake weapons become authentic. The environment takes on a distinctly real feel. Even the audience disappears. We see attack after attack unfold between the trio. Brad morphs into an evil beast that epitomizes darkness itself. He knocks Poppy aside. In addition, he restrains Ian with his seemingly insurmountable, dark abilities. 

Thankfully, Poppy whips a fireball at Brad that, subsequently, incapacitates him. Ian snags the Sword of Light and stabs Brad with it. The darkness vanishes to give way to light. Huzzah! We see a glowing light emitting from both Poppy’s and Ian’s chests. The pair grin at each other. They finally worked together! The setting returns to reality.

Still of Ashly Burch and Imani Hakim in Mythic Quest episode "Everlight."

Ashly Burch and Imani Hakim in “Everlight,” a special episode of “Mythic Quest” premiering April 16 on Apple TV+.

Now, everyone revels in their rulers’ victory as light pours into the room. Brad shrugs it off. Let the nerds have their fun, right? Everlight has been brought back from the brink of death! Anthony Hopkins closes out the party with some final narration.

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“Everlight” is such a wonderful piece of escapism in more ways than one. Mythic Quest has always nailed the humor, which is a surprising departure from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (However, Ian is very similar to Mac in some ways.). There’s a lot of heart as well and it’s pervasive in this episode. It’s like a metaphor for 2020, a year that’s referenced with disdain a handful of times in “Everlight.” Mythic Quest is arriving just in time to drive out that lingering darkness from last year. 

I loved watching Poppy and Ian strive to overcome their innate competitiveness. You can see them still competing in the beginning and some of those moments are more subtle. Their drive to compete has always been a point of contention between the two. However, with the climactic, magical battle sequence, it would appear they’re learning how to work together. Additionally, I loved Dana and Rachel’s sizzling chemistry. The show has done an excellent job with the “slow burn” love story for these two. I think we’ll see them together sooner rather than later. 

Do you think Poppy and Ian can build on the success of the Everlight match and continue to cooperate at work? Will Brad ever change his a**hole ways? Join me next month as I recap Season Two of Mythic Quest, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Mythic Quest Season Two will be available to stream on Friday, May 7, only on Apple TV Plus. 

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