FallenEmpire1_318_610I was able to spend a whole three hours at E3 this year so I ran around and soaked in what I could. I was only able to try out a few games, and really the only one I cared about was Star Wars Battlefront.

Even after being there for that short amount of time, my brain was fried. I was overwhelmed and overly stimulated and in heaven. Here are my top 5 most anticipated games, in my humble opinion, the one’s I’m actually looking forward too and will play, from E3 2015.

5. Rise Of The Tomb Raider – Thanks to Arekkz Gaming you get to see what some people, including me, waited an hour to watch…well, in full disclosure I did not wait. Having only 3 hours to check everything out, I left. I have always been a fan of Tomb Raider, having even seen the movies in the theater. Yes, I loved it that much. Rise Of The Tomb Raider comes out on xBox November 10th, 2015

4.Fallout 4 –  Ah, customizable bases, over 400 hundred hours of playtime to be able to explore thoroughly, AND as Bethesda’s Pete Hines stated: 

If you want to pick flowers and make potions all day, then that’s what you’re role-playing. If you want to go shoot everybody in the head with a laser-musket, then that’s what you’re role-playing.

3. Rock Band 4 – It’s back! I am super stoked, i used to play this game all of the time! I mean I’d have parties every week just to play this game and imagine for a second that I’m sort of, kind of a rock star! This game was pretty easily demo’d, 30 minute wait at the ‘ol E3. 

4. Star Wars Knights OF The Fallen Empire – What…uh…I can’t even speak. Tears, anger, sadness. Ok I’ll play you!

5. Star Wars Battlefront – The only demo I waited in a bit of a long line for. I just wanted to see the prettiness. It was so cool AND I convinced two Stormtroopers to star in a romantic comedy with me, while I waited in line. so there’s that!

Now to be very clear, there was oh so much more that I saw that I want to play, but If I’m just being honest with myself, these are the ones I will purchase and play.

What are you looking forward to playing?

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