If you’ve been around board gamers in person or online, you’ve probably heard of the shelf of shame – the games we own but haven’t played. For some collectors this list is extensive. And if you have any other interests (or obligations) outside of board gaming, then I’d bet you have your own shelf of shame, however long. In the interests of confession, here is mine:

1) Dead Of Winter

I missed the boat when this game was originally released. But over the last three years I have gotten into The Walking Dead and now I feel like I should definitely play this game. I picked up a copy last fall, but there is sits, punched and waiting. If I can get my wife and son to play with me (the people who got me into TWD in the first place) I think we’ll have a blast.

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2) The Colonists

This enormous box has been sitting on different shelves over the last couple of years. I’ve watched the videos and read the tutorial. I have always had visions of setting it up and playing each era at my leisure – solo, leaving it set up like a puzzle, until it is complete. Til now obligations, procrastination, and cats have deterred me. But no longer. It’s off the shelf and getting set up tomorrow!

3) Lord Of The Rings Deckbuilding Game (Return of the King)

The Fellowship installment of this series sparked my return to board gaming as an adult almost 6 years ago. We played it a lot and enjoyed immensely. So when I got the chance to pick up ROTK for cheap I couldn’t pass it up. A couple years later. It stares at me like the Argonath, waiting for me to approach. And yet I do not. Maybe I’ll crack it open before Sauron returns.

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4) Braggart

I picked this up last year because it looked like it would be a fun (and funny) drinking game that could be played late in the evening at Dragon Con or Momo Con. I still think it will be. At least I hope it will. Surely it must.

5) Babel

Two player, mean spirited fun, with some interesting strategy? I’m a sucker for that. I grabbed this reprint when I heard about it, but I haven’t been able to get it to the table yet. I have every intention of bringing this to the local tap room and enjoy beating the snot out of one of my buddies over a beer. Yes! That is what I am going to do.

Here's to you, Mrs. Looney Labs

Posted by Dice Drop Games on Friday, October 23, 2015

6) Start Trek Fluxx

I picked up this and the Next Generation version. I played the Next Generation, and it was fun and very thematic, but the original series version has not yet made it to the table. I hope to beam it to the table at the earliest star date. May the Looneys forgive me.

7) EXIT: The Forgotten Island

I’ve played and enjoyed a few of the EXIT series, but this one has yet to make it to the table. Maybe I’ll ask some friends if they want to help me escape this mysterious island in the near future. I hope this one hour game doesn’t turn into a three hour tour. A three hour tour…

8) Architects Of The West Kingdom

I really enjoyed the Runesaga series from Shem Phillips, so when this new offering from Shem was released last year I had to pick it up. And I have picked it up several times. And put it back on the shelf. Damn you, real life obligations! This game barely deserves to be on a shelf of shame list, since it’s so new, but I have to leave it here. Since this is MY confession time.

Well, I think that’s the current list. Gygax forgive me, for I have sinned. What’s on your shelf of shame?

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