Archery lessons! I shot my first arrow! I finally am taking the archery lessons that I got for Christmas. Have a great instructor named Bob Wegener. Super nice guy and very patient with his instructing. It was around 90 degrees in the backyard but we found a little piece of shade.

Spent the first part of the lesson basically using a large rubber band to simulate a bow. During this time we worked on stance, hand placement etc. Then for some reason, heat most likely, I almost passed out. Had to sit down with my head between my legs yada yada yada. But I rallied and then took my first shot.  Bullseye! Take a look at the video!

And here’s a picture after I took a few more shots. Check out where all the arrows landed. I just may have found something I’m half way good at. Although I have to admit, I’m so incredibly sore right now from using muscles I didn’t know I had. Ow!

Audrey's First Archery Lesson_Fotor

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Audrey Kearns