The Instagram account for the upcoming third (and last) Wolverine film from Fox, simply titled Logan and starring Hugh Jackman in his final turn as the clawed mutant, has been a lot of fun to follow recently. For the last two weeks now, they’ve posted something pretty much everyday. We’ve seen a severed arm, courtesy of Wolverine no doubt; a rest stop in the desert; a hidden facility warning people to stay out and we’ve met Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce.


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And now, today, we have what appears to be a grim reminder that, in this film, the mutants are very quickly disappearing. It takes place in 2024 when there are no more mutant births and the race seems to be dying out, at least that’s the rumor.


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With this picture, we seemingly get confirmation that yes, indeed, for some reason, mutants are disappearing. In the comics, this has happened more than a few times through various means. Either they are hunted, put into camps or dying out due to mutant-specific maladies. What exactly is the cause for their endangered status in the film cannot be said just yet, but this scratched up mirror in a dirty bathroom confirms that this is their current state.


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