Mozilla has presented the latest version of its well-known web browser — Firefox Quantum. It came out of beta and has been already launched officially. Such stunning news motivates people all around the world to switch from  Chrome to Mozilla Firefox. In order to create a new Firefox Quantum version, the team of talented developers had to change seven million coding lines. The result is super fast speed and security! The latest version improved UX and added a lot of new handy extensions. Are you ready to make the switch?!

Everyone will benefit from the new Firefox. In case you prefer to carry your browser on a USB or any other portable storage, consider Download Mozilla Firefox Portable in your collection. This version will increase your security level.


Pay attention to the following extensions:



LastPass is a handy extension, which works as a password manager. You can save all your passwords in one place. This is the way to get secure access from all devices and computers you use. It is beneficial for generating complex passwords to Amazon, Gmail, or Facebook and storing them in your personal LastPass account. There is no need to memorize all your passwords. You must unlock your account inside Mozilla Firefox using LastPass passwords. Now, you can log in to different services in a single click. is another must-have extension, which allows collecting feedback from clients/colleagues into Asana/Jira/Trello/GitHub. You will like using this extension for reporting bugs into Trello cards without leaving the website. can be used on all web browsers, which makes the Mozilla Firefox plugin to be handy to make sure your site looks the same across different browsers.



Adblock Plus

Firefox users like the AdBlock Plus extension because it removes all the ads, which show up all over the internet are removed from the browsing experience. This free extension is must have for people who hate ads. You can be sure this extension is the top on the market.






If communication and correspondence play a significant role in your business, education, and personal life, then Grammarly is your lifesaver extensions. It makes communication more effective. The extension can detect mistakes when you type text content. As you install the extension in your Firefox browser, your spelling/grammar will be vetted on such social media platforms as Gmail/Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin. Grammarly will correct almost everything you type on the web. Now when you write a critical business document, a message for a friend, or a post for your online audience, you can be sure your text is mistake-free.



Women love Honey because this extension is for everyone who loves online shopping. It helps to save money on online purchases. You have to set up Honey in your Firefox browser to receive automatic coupon codes with special offers. Whenever you are visiting a product page, the extension will inform you if you can save some money on the price.



Firefox Multi-Account Containers

It is not recommended to open many tabs on your computer if you want to have excellent browsing performance. However, we have to deal somehow between business and personal stuff. Use Firefox Multi-Account Containers to keep your online life well-managed and secure. The extension will separate your website storage into many tabs, which are called containers. For example, cookies which have been downloaded by one container will not be available to another one.



Hoxx VPN Proxy

If you are looking for an excellent VPN service, consider using Hoxx VPN Proxy. It is very efficient in unblocking various websites, hiding your current location, and keeping all your connections encrypted. We all know that some sites are filtered or blocked, like Hulu, Netflix, or Spotify. Very often, such websites are blocked by your government or due to licensing reasons. Hoxx VPN Proxy will help you to bypass such restrictions, hide any kind of tracks, and protect your data while using public Wi-Fi.



People who are looking for an excellent alternative to Google Chrome should think about switching to the new Firefox Quantum. Millions of people around the world support the main ideas of the Mozilla philosophy. So, you can also give it a spin. Besides, all the extensions described above will make your experience even more positive.