Movies with marijuana influence have always been a go-to plot for comedy. It always brings out over the top scenarios and crazy adventures. References are also found in video games. Buy CBD oil Colorado to enjoy the movies and games on this list. 

Top 5 Stoner Films

We’re the Millers

A low-level marijuana dealer, David Clark, is robbed of his money and stash, some of which he owes to a wealthy drug supplier, Brad Gurdlinger. As a way to repay Brad, David was asked to smuggle Marijuana from Mexico. Which he finds hard to do because one man attempting to get through the border might be too suspicious. The adventure begins when David comes up with an idea that will cause a crazy trip. He hires his stripper neighbor named “Rose”, a 19-year-old petty thief named Casey, and his 18-year-old neighbor Kenny to pose as his family so that they can pass off as a family just going on a road trip in an RV.

Project X

The story starts with two high schoolers Costa and JB wanting to throw a party for their friend Thomas’ birthday which they hope to increase their popularity. Thomas’ parents are away for the weekend which will seem at first, a bulletproof plan. Thomas is hesitant about having a party at his house since he was instructed not to have too many people over but Costa will continue with the plan. They then advertise the party throughout the school. The gang buys party supplies and marijuana from a drug dealer. From then on the night was filled with a series of adventures.

This is the End

Jay Bruchel arrives in Los Angeles to visit an old friend, Seth Rogen, who invites him to James Franco’s housewarming. Jay would feel uncomfortable at the party so Seth accompanies him to a convenience store for cigarettes where they will see a beam of blue light sucking people into the sky. Jay and Seth will start running back to James’ house discovering that they are left unharmed. An earthquake strikes and that starts their journey through all the apocalyptic madness.


Mac and his wife Kelly are adjusting to life as they recently had their infant daughter named Stella. The chaos starts as a fraternity known as Delta Psi Beta moves in next door. The fraternity’s leaders, Teddy and Pete aspire to be part of Delta Psi Beta’s hall of fame by throwing a massive year-end party. The Radners ask Teddy to keep the noise down, to get on the Radner’s side, Teddy invites them to a party. Teddy then agrees to keep the noise down but Mac and Kelly have to promise to call him instead of the police if there’s any problem. The following night, the party at the frat house would keep Stella up all night. From then on a prank war would unleash between Teddy and Pete and Mac and Kelly.

Top Stoner Game

Grand Theft Auto V

Weed is referenced in almost every GTA game out there. They are in missions, side missions, or somewhere in the world of the game. Weed makes its first official appearance in GTA V. It can be smoked with a bong by both Michael and Franklin which will get them high and react to the effect. You can also see it around Los Santos. Marijuana plants can be found at Braddock Farm and you can even find a marijuana business at an abandoned sawmill just south of Paleto Bay. At Vespucci Beach, there is a medical marijuana dispensary named Smoke on the Water.