Everyone get your buns in here right now; The Bob’s Burgers Movie is playing in theaters! Before the beloved adult animated television series Bob’s Burgers debuts its 13th season, it’s debuting a movie.

Bob’s Burgers follows the Blecher family, their friends, neighbors and the occasional enemy as the family struggles to keep their restaurant afloat. While the show isn’t for kids, it doesn’t use raunchiness for shock value like most adult animated shows.

This is an impressive feat, as the show was created by Loren Bouchard, who was responsible for the show Home Movies, which ran on Adult Swim. True to form, The Bob’s Burgers Movie kept up this standard! 

*There are minor spoilers ahead!

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About The Bob’s Burgers Movie

Linda as sexy burger in The Bob's Burgers Movie

A ruptured water main creates an enormous sinkhole right in front of the Bob’s Burgers restaurant, blocking the entrance! The sinkhole opens up a host of problems as it is dangerous, but it turns the front of the restaurant into an active crime scene. This danger is the driving action that splits the plot between the parents and kids.

Like many episodes, one side of the plot revolves around Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) struggling to keep the business afloat. Bob and Linda are in trouble with the bank, even though their landlord, Mr. Fischoeder (Kevin Kline), allows them to withhold rent money to pay said bank. Unfortunately, no one but Teddy (Larry Murphy) will come in because the sinkhole is declared a crime scene.

Bob and Linda come up with a plan to impress the bank manager by making a practice burger, and when that fails, they have to take their burgers to the street to drum up business. 

The second plot of the movie revolves around the kids trying to solve the mystery of the skeleton found in the sinkhole. Each of the kids has a minor story outside of the overarching one that allows them to shine. Louise (Kristen Schaal) is dealing with her reputation of being immature, Tina (Dan Mintz) is on the prowl after Jimmy Jr. and Gene (Eugene Mirman) is all over the place, as expected. 

Final Thoughts

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is an epic addition to the series catalog and a must-see kick-off to summer for all Bob’s Burgers fans. Music has always had a place in the Bob’s Burger series, but I appreciate that they fully committed to making the movie a musical. It felt like a natural progression for the series but not something quickly done in a typical episode. 

The visuals are also nicely done for the movie. The art style is still true to the series but looks shinier. It had a larger budget than a typical episode, but I love that they didn’t go for a completely different style that would make it feel disconnected from the main series like other animated feature films have. 

The converging plots for the narrative were exciting and varied. I never wanted to get through any one person’s story to get back to another plot which made the movie feel like a balanced collection of mini-episodes. This consistent pace lends itself to the rapid joke delivery that never let any single moment linger too long. 

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Overall, I loved The Bob’s Burgers Movie. The stakes are high enough to justify a feature-length film, the music is always well-placed and the character’s personalities are dialed up to an 11. It’s completely worth the wait, even after all the delays. 

Have you seen the movie already, or do you plan to over the weekend? We would love to hear your thoughts and excitement in the comments! The Bob’s Burgers Movie is everywhere in theaters on May 27, 2022. 

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