Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all moms, be they surprise, planned, or pet parent variety. Yes, we even include those that choose to be mothers to those around them, from step-children, adopted children, mentees and beyond. We do so this year even more so – this past year has been a rollercoaster thanks to the coronavirus and the hurdles it has brought into our lives.

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Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Mothers are a special type of superhero, always shapeshifting to fit the need of the moment. You may feel you are lacking or unprepared, but you are trying. You may not have super strength or mind control powers, but you have the ability to adapt. Things may not always go according to whatever plan you create, but you keep going. And that never-give-up attitude, even when you feel like the world is ending, makes you special.

You are the superhero we acknowledge this Mother’s Day.

Throughout the past year, you have worked your tail off to keep the little ones safe. You have either put your career on hold or juggled working from home to become a part-time teacher as the kids attend school remotely. The empty-nesters and those without a child in the home have been separated far too long and relied solely on technology for contact. Many mothers work in the medical field and some of you have even volunteered or taken jobs as frontline workers to help even more people. That motherly calling runs deep. And we see each and every one of you.

It has been one rough year, but you’re here. We see the struggles you have endured. So on this Mother’s Day, we salute you.

Captain Marvel saluting. Art by Marvel artist Ben Oliver.

Captain Marvel saluting. Art by Marvel artist Ben Oliver.




Celebrating MOTHER’S DAY with Our Favorite Comic Book Mothers


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