We have to say 2018 wasn’t a terrible year altogether in film but comparing the releases against 2019, well needless to say we found last year to be lacking. We’ve done our research, looked at movie rumors and compiled a list of films that we are looking forward to. Here are some of our favourite action packed, lost love, warming movie releases you can expect in 2019.

Lion King Remake

Grab the tissues lovelies, this one is bound to be as teary as its original. The Lion King has been the talk of the town and people aren’t quite sure how they feel about the movie release. On one hand you have diehard fans who don’t mind watching as Mufasa dies all over again, and then on the other hand you have those who don’t want to relive the scene. But rest assured, we have it under good authority Seth Rogan and Billy Eichner will have the audience in stitches. So either way, you will need those tissues!

The Beach Bum

We all love Matthew McConaughey and who doesn’t appreciate Zac Efron? These two famous American actors will be starring side by side in a hilarious comedy featuring a man who lives and loves by his own rules. A new comedy is always a welcome addition to the big screen.

Captain Marvel

We can’t have a new year without a Marvel addition. Captain Marvel is based on the comic and is said to have had a budget of $152 million which can only mean one thing; the graphics and action scenes must be as out of this world as the storyline. This marvelous movie features the amazing Brie Larson as our hero Carol Danvers along with Jude Law and Samuel L. Jackson.

Disney’s Dumbo

Okay, so there are like thousands, even millions of Disney fans out there and we just know that Dumbo is hot on your ‘must see 2019 movies’ list. Watch the cutest little elephant claim the ability to fly in this incredibly movie Disney remake of Dumbo. Starring Colin Farell and Eva Green, we just know the reviews will be great with this one!

Pet Sematary

So we can’t have a list going here and forget all about our horror fanatics in the audience. Pet Sematary is set to be released in April and should be as scary as the original release from Stephen King’s horror novel. Although it will be difficult to recreate, we have high hopes for the next horror show.


Milla Jovovich is one of our favourites and in Hellboy she nails it! This film release is going to be much appreciated by the graphic novel’s fan base. The storyline continues from where it previously ended.

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featured image dbreen/Pixabay