Netflix is returning to Zack Snyder‘s zombie universe with Army of Thieves, prequel to the hit Army of the Dead. Matthias Schweighöfer returns as Ludwig Dieter, AotD’s German safecracker. Schweighöfer also directs the prequel. Netflix released the first trailer for Army of Thieves during the TUDUM event on Saturday. 

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In Army of Thieves, Dieter is a bank teller recruited by the mysterious Gwendoline, played by Nathalie Emmanuel as part of an international bank heist crew.  Her team include Ruby O. Fee as master hacker Korina; Guz Khan as the Rolph, the getaway driver; and Stuart Martin as Brad Cage, the action hero. It’s like a movie where each of them have a different skill set  and it only working together that they can pull off what needs to be pulled off.

The team needs Dieter to crack three safes owned by Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada). We met him in Army of the Dead. Of course it wouldn’t be a great heist film without the law on the heels of the bank robbers. So, this not exactly a zombie movie, but it appears that zombies are a distraction in the world. This film is more of an action adventure/romance movie. It looks like a lot of fun!

This is the first of Army of the Dead spinoffs in the works. Snyder is overseeing an anime spinoff Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. That story will focus on Dave Bautista‘s character Scott Ward and his rescue crew during the initial zombie outbreak in Las Vegas. 

 Check out the trailer below. 

Army of Thieves debuts on Netflix on October 29.

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