March and International Women’s Day 2023 are all about celebrating incredible women around the world. From content creators to philanthropists to doctors and beyond. For a second year in a row, we are taking a look at 10 of the creatively terrific women behind WEBTOON series. Their genres vary from romance to fantasy to action and epic adventures. So, as you settle in with a new WEBTOON this month, let us give you some suggestions that are worth checking out.

DISCLAIMER: Tread carefully; there may be spoilers ahead.

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Escape From Oz – Kelly Angel

We are kicking off this year’s list with Kelly Angel and her incredibly hilarious WEBTOON series, Escape from Oz. This series will have you screaming, “we aren’t in Kansas anymore!” The series is a play on The Wizard of Oz, except that Dot and her dog Toto are trying to get the hell outta Dodge – we mean Oz. It’s a city famed for its nightlife, danger and very apparent lack of an exit. Now they need to find their way down the yellow brick road so they can convince the Wizard to let them go home. 

Escape from Oz updates every Wednesday and can be read here!

Dot being attacked by a chicken.

Escape from Oz WEBTOON Original Series.

My Dear Cold-Blooded King – Lifelight

When it comes to romance WEBTOON series, Lifelight knows all the sweet secrets. But her series don’t just stay within the romance genre. My Dear Cold-Blooded King is packed with drama, suspense, mystery and action. Lifelight knows how to spin a tale. The story follows Kirhara Mei as she navigates the terrors of a royal court and uncovers the secrets behind the mysterious king and her own past. If you love this one, we highly suggest checking out Lifelight’s new series, Blood Reverie.

Check out My Dear Cold-Blooded King here!

The mask of the Cold-Blooded King.

My Dear Cold-Blooded King WEBTOON Original Series.

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Hooky – Míriam Bonastre Tur

Love witchcraft and fantasy and need a beautiful world to fall in love with? Look no further than the terrific Míriam Bonastre Tur‘s Hooky. The WEBTOON follows Dani and Dorian, siblings heading off to catch the bus to the school of magic. Except they miss it. The two need to think of some way to teach them how to be great witches before anyone realizes it. We absolutely love her work, and once you’ve binged this series, start her new one – Marionette.

Hooky is complete and can be read here!

Dani and Dorian running for the bus.

Hooky WEBTOON Original Series.

Brass & Sass – Antlerella

Music is magical, and Anterella has captured that magic in a bottle. Well, if a bottle was her WEBTOON series, Brass & Sass. The story takes the typical high schoolers growing into young adults, falling in love and finding their place in the world and gives us a heartful story of hope and happiness. What Camilla lacks in ability, she makes up for with passion and getting the chance to watch her grow and find love is something you don’t want to miss.

Brass & Sass is complete and can be read here!

Camilla walking through the walls towards the music.

Brass & Sass WEBTOON Original Series.

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The Doctors are Out – Blau

Another incredible female content creator to keep an eye on is Blau. Her LGBTQIA+ WEBTOON series The Doctors are Out is one of our favorite series with representation. It follows two doctors, one for humans and one for animals, who start off with a rather rocky relationship. It doesn’t help that they have very similar names. Blau knows how to tell a story packed with the bickering we absolutely love. And the girl knows to write and draw some pretty terrific swoon-worthy moments.

Check out The Doctors are Out here!

The two doctors bickering.

The Doctors are Out WEBTOON Original Series.

Castle Swimmer – Wendy Lian Martin

Next on our list of creative women behind WEBTOON series is Wendy Lian Martin and her Castle Swimmer series. She explores the idea that what happens in one’s life is ruled by prophecy. but what happens when you throw prophecy out the window? What happens when one rejects their course in life? This is an epic adventure that will have readers on the edge of their seats. It also explores the idea of choosing one’s own path and doing what’s right.

Castle Swimmer updates every Sunday and can be read here!

Kappa sitting in the sand telling his creator that he doesn't want to be the Beacon anymore.

Castle Swimmer WEBTOON Original Series.

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Gourmet Hound – Leehama

When we first found out just how obsessed with WEBTOON series we were, it was Leehama‘s Gourmet Hound that sealed the deal. It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a series disguised as a romance. Lucy’s journey to find the chef responsible for creating her favorite meal may seem like a silly story. But as Leehama weaves her story, it becomes about finding ways to deal with loss and grief. She teaches readers how to find healthy ways to cope and that it’s okay to lean on others.

Check out Gourmet Hound here!

Lucy crying while cutting onions.

Gourmet Hound WEBTOON Original Series.

unOrdinary – Chelsey Han

While we love a good romance or supernatural WETBOON series, we can’t help but fall head over heels for the action superheroes ones. And what one could be better than Chelsey Han‘s unOrdinary? Han is an incredible storyteller and artist who has graced us with chapter upon chapter of the best fight scenes on the app. The story follows John, an ordinary teenager at a super unordinary school where the social elite possesses unthinkable powers and abilities. If you love action series, this is an absolute must-read.

John fighting a fellow student in unOrdinary.

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Nonesuch – Megan Redmon

A recent addition to our must-read WEBTOON series list is Megan Redmon‘s (The Bitsy Artist) Nonesuch. It’s a supernatural trip guaranteed to have you begging for more chapters by the time you clear through the fast pass. On the way home, Connor and Bridget find themselves stranded in a mysterious town surrounded by clones of themselves. But the more they interact with their surroundings, the dicier things get. Can they find their true selves and make it out alive? Redmon’s tale is so unique and an epically good read.

Nonesuch updates every Tuesday and can be read here!

Connor and Bridget confused about seeing other versions of themselves.

Nonesuch WEBTOON Original Series.

Brimstone and Roses – Speremint

Our final incredibly creative woman behind a WEBTOON series is Speremint. The supernatural romance Brimstone and Roses takes getting back at one’s ex and flips it on its head. When Bea has to attend her sister’s wedding post-breakup, she does the most logical thing. She summons herself an incredibly hot date. He also just so happens to be a sarcastic demon who isn’t ready to let her go at the end of the night. It’s not just a must-read story for romance WEBTOON fans, but everyone. And Speremint’s art and storytelling her top-notch.

Brimstone and Roses is currently on hiatus and can be read here!

Bea summoning a demon as a date for her sister's wedding.

Brimstone and Roses WEBTOON Original Series.

This article was originally published on 3/8/23. 

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