AMC+ has a new thriller series coming this July. The teaser for Moonhaven dropped today and it has serious dystopian, science-fiction and mystery vibes. In other words, it looks incredibly entertaining. 

The story takes place on the moon 100 years in the future where an idyllic community exists for the purpose of finding a way to save a dying and dangerous planet Earth. But even in a seemingly beautiful and perfect place, “Darkness finds a way.”

Here’s the synopsis, “Moonhaven focuses on Bella Sway (Emma McDonald), a lunar cargo pilot and smuggler 100 years in the future who finds herself accused of a crime and marooned on Moonhaven, a utopian community set on a 500 square mile Garden of Eden built on the Moon to find solutions to the problems that will soon end civilization on Mother Earth. A skeptic in Paradise, Bella is sucked into a conspiracy to gain control of the artificial intelligence responsible for Moonhaven’s miracles and teams with a local detective to stop the forces that want to destroy Earth’s last hope before they are destroyed themselves.”

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The series also stars Joe Manganiello (True Blood) who will play Tomm Schulz. According to Deadline, Schultz is “an ex-military with a philosophical bent, Tomm is the right hand of the lead Earth diplomat to the moon, who finds his ambitions changed when he’s injected with a mind-altering moon drug.” Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost) plays the local detective, Paul Serno. 

In addition to McDonald, Manganiello and Monaghan, Moonhaven stars Amara Karan (Hope Street), Kadeem Hardison (Black Monday), Ayelet Zurer (Man of Steel, Daredevil) and Yazzimin Newell (The Irregulars). The series is from Lodge 49 and Black Sails‘ Peter Ocko. The first two episodes of Moonhaven will premiere on July 7th and then the rest of the season will air on Thursdays. 

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