Today, Hulu and Marvel gave us quite a peek at Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight in a brand new teaser. This isn’t our first look, but the best one we have had yet and even gives us a quick look at Ethan Hawke, who is rumored to be the main villain of the series. Marvel and Disney have stayed pretty hush-hush about the cast and plot details for the upcoming Disney Plus series, but we have our theories based on the comics and what we have seen so far.

Moon Knight follows Marc Spector (Isaac), who turns from a mercenary with dissociative identity disorder to a superhero after a mysterious Egyptian moon god known as Khonshu saves his life. The teaser doesn’t give us anything concrete as far as the story and who Hawke really is, but it does give us a few hints. First, the few flashes we get of Isaac seem to point us in the direction that this series will be an origin story. Hawke even references the chaos that seems to be running through Spector. But what he wants with this power or how he knows is still a mystery. And in the final moments, we get the best look at Isaac in his suit to date.

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The Moon Knight teaser ultimately tells us that we are going to get a full trailer this upcoming Monday, January 17, 2022, during the NFL Super Wild Card game. We hope that the trailer will not only introduce us to a bit more of the story and additional characters but give us a solid look at Hawke’s villain and release date. It has been speculated that it is one of the first MCU series to drop onto Disney Plus in 2022. But when that will happen is still up in the air.

We will be keeping our eyes peeled this upcoming Monday night for the full world premiere trailer to drop in hopes of just a little bit more information for Moon Knight. We’ve also dropped the teaser down below for your enjoyment. What theories do you have so far? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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