If you got to see Monty Python Live (Mostly) this past summer I am very jealous of you and will need some time to be your friend again. If you are like me then you were not able to fly out to London to catch their last shows together nor did you get to see it air live on the big screen here in The U.S.

Fortunately the Deluxe Edition Unboxing Video is available on DVD/Blu Ray and has some very cool features.

Of course Terry Gilliam’s iconic animation, behind the scenes photos of the live show, the announcement, and backstage. Exclusive footage of the Pythons as Pepperpots and Gumbys. A 12×12 hardcover sixty-four page book of behind the scenes, the making of, and production photos. Audio CD’s of the show so when you’re driving around your earballs can listen and your mouth hole can sing a long….

You also have the option to download Monty Python Live (Mostly) on iTunes but the Deluxe edition is a collectors item. Just buy it!

Here’s another snippet from the live show….

Lastly and full of amazingness, I know one gal that made it to the live show, Margo Rowder. I’m almost ready to be her friend again. I mean, not only did she get to see the live show in London but she got to meet Monty Python and recorded her whole experience of chatting with them on her Google Glass. Terry Gilliam even tried them on! Take a look:

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