Music is like a gift for our souls. It has always been a part of my life and I am always on the hunt for new music. So when I was introduced to Monelise‘s unique blend of nostalgia and futurism, I knew I was in love. I recently got the chance to chat with her about the inspiration behind her music and the #SecretSymphony London Treasure Hunt event she is currently hosting to get us all excited for the release of her next single, Symphonies of Love, on October 29, 2021. Those who live in the London area should be on the lookout for the hand-drawn puzzle pieces! And for those who aren’t, you can still participate through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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#SecretSymphony Puzzle Piece

#SecretSymphony Puzzle Piece

Monelise Interview

Julia Roth: Give us a brief history about yourself? What got you into the music scene?

Monelise: My name is Monelise and I make dreamy, mystical music designed to transport you to another dimension and introduce you to your soul. My artistry is the result of a lifelong fascination with the transportive power of music as well as the existence of worlds unseen. I use the former to access the latter. Some pivotal moments in my career included my Masters’ studies at Goldsmiths University as well as performing my audiovisual live show Hauntology at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019.

JR: What is the inspiration behind your style of music?

M: My sound is sometimes described as resembling “a Kate Bush soundtrack to a David Lynch film,” which exposes two of my biggest influences! I am drawn to the mystical, the uncanny, and the unseen. I am inspired by everything from evocative films to Tarot cards and past life regressions. Sometimes my songs are quite pre-meditated and carefully crafted, but there is always an element of channeling from a source beyond myself.

JR: What has the creative process been like due to Covid restrictions?

M: To be honest, I have made more music than ever – both for my own artist project and the other artists I write for. I’ve been pushed into a very “outside the box” type of creativity, which has been interesting! For instance, at the end of 2020, I self-shot and directed my own music video, “Insane: 2020 Tape.

JR: Do you produce all your own music?

M: I have produced, co-produced and had my music produced by others. For example, large parts of my album Hauntology are self-produced. However, my latest series of singles, including Silver Lake, Insane and Clockwork Heart, involved other producers.

JR: Let’s talk about #SecretSymphony London Treasure Hunt! Can you give a brief description of the event?

M: Sure! The #SecretSymphony treasure hunt is designed to accompany the upcoming release of my song Symphonies of Love on October 29 (yes, it continues after the song’s release!). My creative partner Zsofi and I have hand-drawn a 6-piece galactic puzzle, where each piece contains different lyrics from the upcoming single. We made 1000 hand-finished copies and are gradually distributing them across various London districts.

Anyone who finds a piece keeps it, and if they find all six and figure out the secret password, they win a really cool grand prize package (including a heart-shaped vinyl pressing of the song and a personalized channeled message from me). Locations and hints are posted on my Instagram stories.

Cover for Symphony of Love by Monelise.

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JR: What was the inspiration behind the event?

M: The song Symphonies of Love was created in an intimate and personal way via a series of handwritten letters exchanged during the lockdown. I wanted to give my audience (and new fans) a similarly personalized and immersive experience, hence the creation of the hand-finished artworks. I also love the element of serendipity and surprise in that anyone who is observant can find and keep a piece!

JR: How was it creating all of the pieces by hand?

M: Pretty time-consuming but tremendously enjoyable and meditative. It’s lovely to be able to give each piece a personal touch – I think people can feel that energy.

JR: Is this something you would do in the future for new releases?

M: Absolutely. I always try to come up with creative and immersive ways to introduce my songs and enable audiences to make a personal connection with them.

JR: What projects do you have in mind for the future?

M: I am soon launching my Immersive Album (with accompanying Oracle Cards) Meet Your Soul! This is my most exciting and ambitious project yet and it would mean the world if you would follow my pre-launch page on Kickstarter!

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