Star Wars fans come in all forms and from all backgrounds. Pop culture tends to be one constant that brings people together, no matter where they grew up or what language they speak. It’s because of this beautiful fandom and the convergence of today, May the 4th, that artist Monica “Monarobot” Robles Corzo crossed our Twitter feed. For Star Wars Day, she shared her redesign of four of the most iconic Star Wars characters in the franchise.

Who Is Monarobot?

Monarobot is not new to pop culture art. She has worked on various projects including creating a special edition cover for a Steven Universe comic! Most recently, she has worked as a prop designer for Crunchyroll’s Onyx Equinox. On her website, she has a small collection of characters redesigned in her Mesoamerican style. 

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Along with the requisite hashtags for this geek holiday, Monarobot shared on her social media platforms her rendition of four Star Wars favorites. In shades of brown, accented with teals, the Millennium Falcon takes center stage. Looming ominously in shades of black and gray is Darth Vader.

Joining them are the droids R2D2 and C3-PO, both appearing more ancient-monster-like than machine-like. C3-PO appears more monumental in his golden tones while R2D2 sports an epic set of talons to polish off his more muted blues and browns.

The results of Monarobot’s talent is exquisite. The detail in these redesigned characters is amazing and her art is worth a second and third glance. If these characters catch your attention and you want more, she has a modest portfolio on her website and shares her work on Twitter and Instagram

Many thanks to Monarobot for sharing her Star Wars art. May the 4th be with you all!

See Monarobot’s Art Below


Monarobot's Star Wars Millennium Falcon Redesign

Monarobot’s Star Wars Millennium Falcon Redesign | ©Monarobot

Monarobot's Star Wars Darth Vader Redesign

Monarobot’s Star Wars Darth Vader Redesign | ©Monarobot

Monarobot's Star Wars R2D2 & C3-PO Redesign

Monarobot’s Star Wars R2D2 & C3-PO Redesign | ©Monarobot



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