The gaming industry has grown massively over the recent years thanks to many new technologies that are being applied in game development as well as the way we actually play them. According to reports from 2020, the gaming industry was valued at around USD162 Billion while its market value is expected to reach over USD295 Billion by the year 2026.

Today, the gaming industry is not only one of the fastest-growing sectors but also one of the most exciting markets thanks to all sorts of modern technologies. Every company involved in the industry embraces technological advancements and uses the most modern tech to bring new, modern, innovative games to video gaming fans all over the globe. 

According to insights from, modern technology is being used to improve all parts of the gaming industry, including the fast-growing iGaming market. Today, online casino gamers can enjoy awesome live dealer casino games, VR gaming experiences, and much more that was not possible just a couple of years ago. 

We take a look at some of the modern technologies that are used in the gaming industry today and the way they have impacted game development in recent years.

Evolving Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is one of the popular and trendy technologies in the video gaming industry. Cloud gaming also known as gaming-as-a-service or gaming on demand is an online gaming service thanks to which everyone with a gaming device and decent internet connectivity can play loads of different games. In this case, games run on streams and remote servers.

In the past, the video gaming industry has been dominated by console gaming and console platforms such as Sony Playstation or Xbox. Today, the companies are turning their focus towards cloud gaming via their PlayStation Plus and Xbox hardware which are aiming to provide everyone with a high-end gaming experience, regardless of the device they are playing on. Cloud gaming basically allows anyone to play on a high-end rig without having to make the large investment involved with purchasing such a device. Being able to play state-of-the-art games on a cheap laptop is what cloud gaming is all about.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Gaming

Virtual reality was a thing of science fiction just a short time ago and now it is becoming a part of our actual daily lives. Being able to fully immerse yourself into a virtual world is the end goal of the VR developers and while we are not quite there just yet, the tech is certainly making great strides. Today, we can already enjoy VR games to some extent and they are becoming more real and immersive with every passing year.

Alongside virtual reality gaming technologies, augmented reality tech is also redefining the entire video gaming industry by integrating game audio and visual content with computer-generated environments in real-time. In other words, AR technologies mix the virtual, computer-generated worlds with the real world to create unique, immersive video gaming experiences and there are many great AR games out there such as Pokemon Go, Jurassic World Alive, and Zombies, Run!

Mobile Gaming Any Time Any Place

When discussing modern tech in the video gaming industry, we have to mention mobile gaming, which currently takes up almost half of the entire gaming market. Mobile gaming is extremely popular and this does not come as a surprise considering mobile games are widely accessible, they are very convenient, and everyone with a modern portable device can play a huge selection of games. When combined with other tech such as cloud gaming and augmented reality, the mobile gaming tech truly provides an unprecedented level of high-quality player experience.

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