The world around us is full of images, and the human brain has evolved in such a manner as to recognize and process these images at a fast rate. Nowadays, almost everything we see is a symbol of some sort; it could represent a brand, an artwork, a character, or an individual. These symbols become the means of communication in their own right – memes, as they are often called these days. Memes, of course, are not just funny pictures, they are meaningful bits of information, often more informative than a written text. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the most recognizable pop culture symbols and see what makes them special.


Skull is a symbol generally associated with death or danger. Pirates used skull symbol to intimidate their enemies, people would paint skulls in different places to warn others about the possible dangers, and the Church would use this symbol to remind people of their mortality. In cultures all over the world, the skull represents something dreadful and threatening, and right now, this image still remains quite negative in pop culture.


Cherry or a pair of cherries is a symbol mostly associated with casino gambling and such pop culture icons as Las Vegas. Two cherries are what comes to mind when people think about slots, playing for real money, and having a good time in Sin City. Whenever you see those ripe cherries, you can help but think about a casino, and making a small deposit of $10. Whether you live in the US or you are a fan of $10 deposit casino NZ, you can surely find the right place to play by using the reviews and following the cherries sign. There are tons of places where this symbol points to the minimum deposits and the best deals for the players. That is exactly why the cherry is strongly associated with gambling and casinos as a whole.


Cross is a symbol that has many meanings, and everyone can find one that suits them best. For some, the cross is the symbol of faith and religious devotion, for others, it is a symbol of peace, some associate it with fashion, and some see it as a symbol of hope and a helping hand. Of course, the majority of people associate the cross with Christianity and its central figure Jesus Christ who was crucified and died on the cross.

This is the most common interpretation of this symbol, and the most faithful people might even get offended whenever this symbol gets misrepresented. Some associate with the Red Cross organization that helps people around the world. Some people associate it with fashion as the cross is one of the popular signs used in music, especially by rap performers.  Cross is quite recognizable and most people around the world would know this symbol and its different meanings.


The heart symbol is quite universal – for the majority of people, it means love and affection. In most cultures, the heart symbol represents positive feelings, devotion, friendship, and love. It is also a symbol of Valentine’s Day. We can see it in our emojis, we draw it on the letters to people we love, and we see it in romantic movies. This is one of the most popular pop culture symbols that is totally relatable to anyone, so if you want to show your affection to someone, a heart symbol might just be what you need. Of course, people often use it to point at something they simply like or enjoy, not necessarily love or adore, like pizza or cakes. Nonetheless, seeing a heart symbol is always a nice sign.

Batman Sign

Yes, the Batman sign is a universally recognized symbol nearly 100% of the world’s population knows about. They might not necessarily be comic book fans or they might not have even seen any of the films about the bat vigilante, but they surely know what that bat sign stands for. Batman is one of few fictional characters everyone knows about – he’s been around since 1939, there are plenty of movies and cartoons featuring this character, his image has been widely used in art, you can see t-shirts with bat sign prints on them all over the world, and you can surely find tons of comic books about the caped crusader. All of that gives Batman his well-deserved universal recognition, and though his sign only stands for his character only, for the fans of this fictional hero, it means so much more than just Batman himself.

Peace Sign

The peace sign is one of the most commonly recognized pop culture signs ever. Some associate it with the Hippie movement, some see it as a sign of peace in general. This is a simple yet effective sign that conveys the most important message – the message of peace, fraternity, and compassion. You can find it on t-shirts, flags, jewelry, in films, music videos, and all over the web. It is one of the most popular and most important signs ever.

Wrap Up

Yes, there are many symbols and images out there, and all of them convey certain messages. Some of them have a universal and broad meaning, some refer to a single character, event, or object. Regardless of how broad or narrow their meanings are, the signs speak to us and allow us to better understand the world around us. Understanding those images and their meaning is the key to efficient communication in modern society, which is why it is so important to be aware of those symbols.