Since their invention, smartphones and tablets have significantly changed our lives, but they have also changed many industries. The online casino industry, in particular, has greatly benefited from this big technological leap. Almost every casino operator these days has a mobile-friendly website, while many have developed their own iOS and Android apps as well.

At first, you might think that having the ability to access casino sites on mobile is not such a big deal. Mobile screens are smaller than desktop monitors, mobile casinos tend to have fewer games, and playing over wi-fi is never a good idea because your connection can easily get interrupted.

So, why is mobile so important for online casinos after all?

Mobile Gaming Is on the Rise

More and more people are starting to play games on their mobile devices. We have even seen a few specialized gaming smartphones developed in the last couple of years.

Online casinos such as SkyCity Online Casino want to take this opportunity and market themselves to mobile gamers, thus expanding their player base. The transition from mobile gaming to mobile gambling is very natural, especially considering that most modern video slot titles look like video games.

Mobile Casinos Are Convenient

Apart from screen size, desktop computers don’t have much of an advantage over mobile devices when it comes to casino gaming. Modern smartphones and tablets are designed to withstand even the newest and most sophisticated casino games, making them ideal pocket-sized platforms for gambling.

While the small screen size is a disadvantage, the overall convenience of playing on a mobile device more than makes up for it.

Mobile Casinos Are Better for Casual Players

Since most people don’t have access to a PC at any given moment, the casinos would be missing out on a lot of potential revenue if it weren’t for mobile devices. There are plenty of gamblers who suddenly get an “itch” to test their luck while not at home, and mobile casinos allow them that quick-fire gambling action.

There’s also the fact that many casual players like gambling on mobile better since it’s practically effortless. Avid gamblers and pros will still play on desktop most of the time, but they are in the minority. The revenue casinos collect mostly comes from millions of casual bettors who spend a few bucks a day, and who now have a gambling platform that matches their needs.

5G Will Make Things Even Better

One of the main issues with mobile casinos is the fact that you can only access them through wi-fi or data connections. Not all wireless connections are fast and some get interrupted often, which can be very frustrating when you’re in the middle of a session. It can even cost you your winnings.

However, that’s slowly beginning to change with the introduction of the 5G network. With 5G, mobile internet will be much more efficient, and mobile casino players will not have to face problems related to a bad connection anymore.

Mobile Casinos Target a Younger Demographic

Even though everyone has a mobile phone these days, younger people are still more in-tune with mobile devices than older folks are. Therefore, by establishing mobile sites and apps, online casinos can target a younger demographic and try to entice more young people to come and join.