Well, we’ve arrived at the end of the first season of The Mist. It’s been a wild ride that’s about to get wilder, so let’s dive in.

So, all our heroes are finally at the mall, and that’s going about as well as you’d expect in this show. Alex, Eve, and Adrian are all locked in Jay’s “cell,” as Alex asks her mom if she’s the one who locked him up. Eve says it was for Alex’s protection, and she is furious at her mom. Adrian interjects that Jay is “psycho,” as Eve tells Alex she has to protect her daughter now more than ever.

Jay asks what happened, and Alex tells him her dad is dead. He hugs her, and Adrian clubs him the back of the head with a paint can. She tries to stop him and tell him that Jay saved her life, but Adrian snaps that Jay is the one who raped her. Adrian claims that when he was at the hospital with Kevin, they talked to the doctor who had the DNA results before the mist even arrived in town, and he continues beating Jay. Then he approaches Alex and hugs her, as Eve stands by.

Connor and Natalie are in a store, and she asks if he’s found Jay yet, but he hasn’t. She wants to talk to the mall mob, but he’s worried they won’t understand, they haven’t seen her survive the mist. Natalie surmises he’s ashamed of what he’s about to do, killing his son, and that he should be proud instead. He tells her they don’t know Jay like he does. They share another tender moment, and tells her to wait while he goes to find his son.

In the mall lobby, everyone is super on edge. Kyle brings forth a sleeve of crackers, loudly declaring it’s the last of their rations, unless they start going on food runs. As Redman tries to shush him and keep calm, Connor enters the lobby area to a chorus of questions, asking if they’re safe. He apologizes and explains he’s just looking for Jay.  To further keep calm, Redman brings Connor to his office.

There, the two talk about how bad things are, and Connor asks where his son is. Redman reluctantly reveals that Eve locked him up, but now she and Alex are also locked in there with him. He offers the lie about Alex murdering Shelley and that the mall group wants justice. “Taking the law into your own hands,” asks Connor, and Redman says it is a private mall and he can throw out whoever he wants. Then, he spots Connor’s bloody knife on his belt and says that he thinks once this is all over, they’ll all have done things they aren’t proud of, but they have to get to the end first. Connor offers a deal: he’ll get his son, and won’t interfere with how Redman is running the mall.

Kevin approaches the mob group, and hears Kyle loudly asking “What are we waiting for?” He sneaks away and searches for his family when he runs in to Mia, who is relieved to see him alive. She asks him what happened, and he explains Adrian raped Alex and tried to kill him, and she is justifiably shocked. He asks where “Bryan” is, and she explains that his name is actually Jonah, and that it’s overall kind of a long story. They decide to split up to search for Eve and Alex.

Speaking of Bryan/Jonah, he’s still stuck to a chair with Wes telling him they need to go back to Arrowhead. Jonah asks for his identity, and Wes keeps refusing to outright answer, but says the “doctor” told him to be careful with him, meaning the one from his trigger episode. Realizing that Wes keeps calling him “sir” and that he must be his superior office, Jonah orders him to untie him, which he reluctantly does.

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Downstairs, Connor enters the room with Jay and company, and helps him up and toward the door. Eve begs Connor for help since everyone wants to kill them. He turns away and takes Jay with him, and Redman and the mob are at the door to escort them upstairs. They tell Adrian can go, but Alex and Eve are going with them. 

Connor brings Jay to Natalie, and she creepily compliments Jay, petting and patting him. Jay asks his dad to go back for the girls, but he says they can’t, they have to be left behind and that he’ll understand soon. Natalie turns and says, “Come, Benedict,” (who, if you’ll recall is her dead husband), and Connor tells Jay everything is going to be okay now.

She leads them to some doors to the outside, and starts telling Jay about the Black Spring. Connor says he’ll show him how to survive the mist, and tells Jay to trust him, and tells his son he loves him. The tears start to flow and Connor tells Jay he was the best thing to ever happen to him, and beckons Jay closer to the doors. They’re both crying, and Connor hugs him and tells him, “It’s not your fault,” and “I made you,” before shoving his son into the mist. 

Jay pounds on the doors to be let in, but Connor and Natalie hold them tight, and he eventually runs off. They watch the mist, and Connor notes that it’s not leaving, but she assures him it will, the mist may have not killed him yet. She orders him to follow her, and he is shaking, finally collapsing in tears over dooming his only child. Natalie cradles Connor in her arms and tells her how proud she is and that it will all be over soon.

Alex and Eve are brought before the big mob, with Kimmy trying to come to their defense. The group bicker and argues over Alex’s alleged lies about killing Shelley and kissing Jay, and Kyle suggest that maybe Shelley was right and maybe Alex is part of the mist. Kimmy breaks forward, declaring that they aren’t prisoners, and Kyle shoots and kills her. He snaps that they have a right to defend themselves and he brandishes the gun at the group. 

Kevin is still searching and winds up in a hardware store, where he spots Adrian making molotov cocktails. He chases the kid, catches him and starts pummeling him, asking how he could hurt Alex.

Back with the Wes and Jonah, theyare ready to go, but Jonah wants to bring his friends. Wes tells him they’re not that important to him, he’s only known them five days, but he’s known Wes for eight years. He adds that they’ll be safer not knowing who Jonah really is. Mia finds them and tells Jonah Kevin is alive and that he needs their help. Jonah tells her he can find out who he is if he goes with Wes, and that he’ll find her once he does. She begs him not to leave, but he does, and my one and only ship on the show just sank.

Meanwhile, the mob scene builds as Eve yells that Kimmy did nothing. Kyle takes that to mean Eve did instead, and Redman backs him up saying that Kimmy was breaking the rules. He reminds them that whoever endangers the group has to be sent out into the mist, and Alex has to go, and if Eve won’t let them, she can go too. 

Nothing like a Frankenstein-ian mob to ruin your day The Mist

Nothing like a Frankenstein-ian mob to ruin your day

Connor comes back to the group, and Eve asks for his help (what with him being a lawman and all). Redman tells her the sheriff is staying out of this, and Connor offers no response. Eve tells Alex she’s sorry, and OUT OF NOWHERE confesses that she was already pregnant when she met Kevin, and that the reason she didn’t want Alex and Jay to be together is that Connor is her biological father. WOW.

The mob totally doubts the reveal, and calls Alex and Eve sick, and Connor says she’s lying, she would have said something sooner. The crowd closes in and Eve pleads for Connor’s help, especially for his daughter.

In the hardware store, Kevin has Adrian on the ground demanding to know where his family is. Adrian refuses to answer unless Kevin lets him go, and doubts he’ll actually kill him for not talking. But Kevin reminds him of all the things he said to the crazy fake nurse at the hospital, and he wants Adrian to suffer for hurting his daughter. He repeats that he wants Adrian to suffer, and that he might stop beating the kid before he dies. Adrian says he loves Alex again, and tells Kevin he should hurry before the group kills her.

Mia finds them and tells Kevin that Jonah left, and that they should leave. Adrian lights a lighter and ignites the spilled molotov cocktail ingredients and slithers away. She convinces Kevin to leave him as the fire rages on.

Eve and Alex are being forced out the door just as Kevin and Mia make it to the lobby. He hugs Eve and Alex and she explains the group wants to kick them out. Kevin slowly turns around, spots Kyle, and punches him in the face, causing him to drop the gun. A full on fight breaks out, and Redman finds the gun and fires a warning shot. He orders the family (and Mia) out, and declares he won’t let the mall fall into chaos (too late).

Give us Barabbas!  The Mist

Give us Barabbas!

Kevin asks to let them stay, it’s their only chance at safety, he knows the people there, and says, “Please, let my family stay.”

“Family?” scoffs Redman. Then he tells him Eve slept with Connor and that Alex isn’t his kid.

“F**k you. F**k all of you, ” Kevin mutters, and the family plus Mia gets shoved out into the mist. 

Once outside, they make a run for the truck that Vic is waiting in (apparently very patiently). Alex falls behind and the mist swirls around her, and begins choking her and lifting her off the ground. The adults realize she’s missing, and Kevin tells Mia to find the truck.

The mist pours down Alex’s throat, and her eyes turn white. But Jay finds her and pulls her out of the mist’s grasp. The truck with her parents and the others arrives, and they all make a run for it. The mist grabs Jay instead and starts infecting him and turning his eyes white. He slumps over dead. R.I.P. Jay.

Back in the mall, Wes and Jonah are about to embark into the mist. Jonah asks if Wes knows what the mist is, and he kind of shrugs. Then he asks Wes if he (Jonah) knows, and Wes says they should leave, and the doctor will have answers for him. The two exit the mall and hop in an SUV.

In the truck, Kevin tells them that Jay wasn’t the rapist, and Eve asks who it was. Kevin replies, “Who told you I was dead?” and the cruel realization falls over them. Eve says they should go, she doesn’t want to be near these people anymore.

Well, this is a story all about how, my life got flipped, turned upside down The Mist

Well, this is a story all about how, my life got flipped, turned upside down

Inside the mall, Connor is still shaking, and Natalie declares to the group that the mist will be gone once the people they shoved into it die. Redman asks why, and she starts explaining that nature chose her as a messenger for the Black Spring, launching into the bear story she told back in episode six. As she goes on, Connor approaches and stares out the doors.

Out in the truck, the non-insane group drives slowly past the mall as the insane mob inside watches. Kevin pauses, and orders everyone to put on their seat belts. He puts the vehicle in reverse, and rams through the doors of the mall, destroying the safety it offered. The mob flees in terror from the mist rolling in.

The truck is stuck in the doorway, and as Kevin tries to rock it out, Alex and Connor share a look. Connor walks to the truck and gets it loose. Alex asks him to come with them, and he does, and they all speed away.

Natalie watches as people die from various mist-inflicted deaths, like snakes crawling up Kyle, or snapping a woman’s neck. Redman sneaks up to his office one last time and hides in cowardice.

She tells them it’s ok to die, we all do, and she is dying too as she starts to collapse. Her dead husband Benedict appears carrying a dead baby, and she asks him “Is he alive?” He says “I’m sorry,” to which she responds it’s ok, nature took him (the baby). The baby starts to cry, and she begins breastfeeding it, and it sucks the literal life out of her, aging and decaying her into a husk. 

On the road, Wes and Jonah drive to the military base with a stowaway: Adrian.

And finally, in our hero car, Eve and Kevin hold hands, happy to reunite. Alex tells Connor Jay was innocent, and that he saved her life just before they left, causing more tears. 

They arrive on the edge of town, and Kevin says they should leave town entirely, the mist can’t be everywhere. Then they spot a train, and race to the nearby station to see if it can help. The train pulls into the station, and the group stays back a bit to see what happens.

The doors open and military looking people are pushing out huge groups of people in orange jumpsuits. 

“What are they doing?” Mia asks.

“Feeding it,” Kevin replies.

DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! (Cue dramatic chipmunk!)

That’s where we leave The Mist! It’s a pretty solid cliffhanger for a somewhat uneven show. I won’t lie, sticking with this was a bit of a slog at times because the big moments were few and far between. For every good, creepy moment like the crazy doctor trying to experiment on Kevin, there were endless scenes of not much happening elsewhere, and a lot of repetition. It also felt like the balance of mist and human drama was off, and the human drama was WAY too much. An incidence of near incest? That was way out in left field, and it didn’t add anything to the story other than a shocking twist. 

So, I am curious to see if it gets a second season and find a better balance.

Points of Interest

  • New Mist Powers: Ensnaring and invading your body. Showing you your dead husband and dead baby, which will then suck the life from you.  Various kills presumably relevant to your terrible deeds.
  • The episode title refers to the theory Eve brought up in “Over the River and Through The Woods” about society being nine meals from chaos. That sleeve of crackers sealed everyone’s fate!
  • When Natalie called Connor “Benedict” I knew she was just crazy and not a mist messenger. 
  • It did kind of help that last super creepy scene of her dying work, because it clarified that she really was totally messed up from watching her husband die in the first episode, and must have seen Connor as a kind of son, standing in for the baby she did lose however long ago. 
  • Did….did Eve really need to bring up the potential incest right at THAT moment? I guess if she thought they were going to die she wanted Alex to know, and thought it might help, but man, that info was just poorly set up. At least they telegraphed the heck out of Adrian being her rapist.
  • And is it just me, or incest all over the place in pop culture lately?
  • Kevin’s negotiating skills apparently only work one on one.
  • I wrote “BOOOOOOOOO” in my notes when Connor got the free pass into the car, but I guess the group in the car didn’t know he sent Jay into the mist, and it would be a lot for Alex to meet and then immediately lose her bio dad.
  • Alex really didn’t get much agency, stuff just mostly happened to her.
  • The Adrian character never worked, and having him be a complete crazy person is too much. What was he going to do? Burn down the mall?
  • When Connor told Jay, “It’s not your fault,” my mind immediately jumped to this
  • I am crushed that Jonah and Mia aren’t together. CRUSHED.
  • Kyle is second runner up for holding on to a gun the longest. Eve takes first place, probably because she didn’t take it out all the time.
  • It was pretty tasteful that Kevin didn’t do the Maury “You are not the father” dance.

My Season Favorites

  • Best Character: Tie between Kevin, who though incredibly stupid at the beginning kind of came through at the end, and Mia, who was smart, capable, and more featured.
  • Worst Character: Adrian, The mob at the mall, the guy attacked Natalie, Shelley, Redman, you know what, worst characters were pretty much everyone but our core cast.
  • Best Episode: None of them totally stand out, but if I had to choose, I’d say “The Devil You Know” because it had the best creepy moments.
  • Worst Episode:  Again, none stand out as truly terrible either, it’s just the whole thing kind of crawled along.
  • Season MVP: Frances Conroy. She played her sad, crazy, character so well, and bared all for an episode!
  • Season LVP: I’m not going to call anyone out, because sometimes people got stuck with just bad material to play.

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