The action is picking up as the first season of The Mist winds down, and joy of joys, everyone ends up at the same location in the end! But first, let’s see how they get there. 

Adrian’s House

Kevin wakes up from being unconscious and the mist is rolling in big time. Vic finds him in the house, and leads him to a different one that’s not full of mist. Apparently, he decided to say behind because he saw an antenna he thought could help with his radio, and discovered that Kevin was still alive. Naturally, Kevin wants to leave so he can get to the mall, but Vic convinces him to stay and rest for bit, even after he explains that Adrian raped Alex.


Mia, Jonah, and Adrian are driving toward the mall. Jonah thinks they should have stayed to check on Kevin, but Adrian says it was already too late, and Mia asks why Adrian’s dad would have shot Kevin. Adrian tells a story about how when he was a kid, he was beat up for being gay, and that his mom made the kid apologize. But his dad thought he was weak for being beat up in the first place, and beat him and his mom. This (alleged) murder attempt was just his dad trying to finish the job of getting rid of the son he hated. 


Eve checks on Jay, who asks why she doesn’t just kill him. She says she’s not a sociopath, and he tries to get her to let him leave by promising to leave Alex alone. He remains firm that he didn’t rape Alex, but Eve says he’s just like his dad, blaming his failures on other people. Jay tells Eve she’s wrong, because he knows his own dad thinks he committed the rape.


Nature church camp is heading for the mall. Connor explains how he knows the tunnels so well, telling a story about chasing a criminal who was scared of the rats in the sewers. Natalie says rats are no worse than any other creature, and are excellent survivors. The previously unnamed parishioners, Ursula and Trevor, question Natalie, but she chides them for their doubt and says humans are survivors too.

We all float down here. The Mist

We all float down here.


News of Shelley’s death and the accusation against Alex arrives to the splinter group, and Eve goes to search for her daughter (who is off searching for Jay). She grabs the gun, and says that the group should look for a map and find another building they can make a break for.

Redman is in his office when Kyle enters and says there’s full blown panic, and that people want Alex dead because she’s evil. He’s slightly taken aback, but Kyle says she killed someone, so she must be evil. The cowardly mall manager agrees they can’t have a murderer walking around, and says they will send her into the mist. 

Random House Number 1

Kevin wakes up after sleeping off his head injury, and Vic assures him he wasn’t out long and he tried to keep him awake enough in case it was a concussion. As a dad, he’s disappointed he didn’t see Adrian’s true nature. But he’s determined to get to the mall, and guesses they’re about two miles away, and figures they can house hop as the mist ebbs and flows to make it their safely. 


Mia, Jonah, and Adrian arrive to the mall. They decide to avoid the mob, and Adrian says he’ll go find Eve and Alex, saying he can get through more easily by telling people his parents are dead and he has nowhere else to go, while Mia and Jonah are a couple of convicts. 

The rag tag bunch enters the mall, and Mia comments that she hates it there. Then Jonah declares, “Let’s go shopping,” and cocks the shotgun. LOVE IT.

Random House Number 1-2

Vic and Kevin gather up supplies and run out into the mist. The mist is full of horrific dead bodies, and the guys make it about three houses before they’re winded. (Seriously guys? Cardio!) But, the house they end up in has a couple of dead soldiers in it.


Adrian rehearses what he’s going to tell Alex and Eve before going off to find them. Elsewhere, Alex is searching for Jay when Eve finds her, and explains the accusations. They decide to hide until they can figure a way out.


The group is climbing up from one section to the next when Trevor is startled by a metaphor, I’m sorry, a rat, and falls off the ladder, gruesomely breaking his leg. Ursula begs for help for her husband, but Natalie is unsympathetic. The woman turns to Connor for help, and he pauses, as Natalie reminds them all that if a gazelle is injured, the herd leaves it behind to avoid predators. Ursula slaps Natalie for her coldness, but Connor stops her and tells her she should be with her husband. Then he stabs her and shoves her off the ladder, where she lands next to Trevor. And then some rats arrive for a nasty buffet. Connor is slightly in shock at his actions and just sits down for a moment.


Adrian finds Eve and Alex, and breaks the “news” about Kevin to them. He give them his spiel, paints Kevin as the hero, and promises to protect them. They hear the mob coming for them, and run off further into he mall. 

In a camping store, Mia and Jonah come up short on supplies. She’s still kind of sweaty and ill, and they both lay back on cots to discuss the future. Mia starts a lengthy hypothetical game about creating future plans together, and reveals that she used to be with a drug dealing boyfriend, and Jonah says he’d love to know who he is and go live in the open skies of Iowa. As they talk, Mia reveals her big bag of money and asks if he’ll go with her when all the mist business stops. He agrees to, and they hug. She becomes overwhelmed with exhaustion and he tells her to go rest and he’ll look for food. They kiss and it’s super sweet. 

Meanwhile, Wes is questioning why Alex would kill Shelley, and decrying the witch hunt for her. He’s talking with another member of the group when he spots something and goes to investigate. He sees Jonah in a store, and questions him. Jonah tells as much of the truth as he can, while Wes clearly recognizes him but says nothing about it. The two get closer, and Wes attacks and puts Jonah in a sleeper hold. 

Random House Number 2

Kevin and Vic inspect the bodies, and realize the soldiers are from the nearby base. Vic picks up a radio when a crazy guy with a gun appears and orders him to drop it.


Connor is grappling with his decision to leave two people behind to be feasted upon by rats. Natalie tells him he did what needed to be done like he always does, and that Nature won’t forget his sacrifice. She picks up a rat and has him pet it, asking if he can feel its love and the love of nature. It’s a weirdly tender moment between the two.

Random House Number 2

Kevin is in yet another stand off with a crazy person holding a gun. He tells gunman he’s not with the military, and asks what happened. Gunman says they were everywhere burning things, and then admits he doesn’t know what’s real anymore, and that his wife never made it back. Kevin spots a gun and makes a dive for it, while Vic darts out of the way, and another stand off ensues. He tells the gunman he honestly doesn’t care what he did or what happened, he just wants to leave. Vic comes through and clobbers the gunman with a frying pan. The guys grab some stuff, and Vic finds the keys to a military jeep and heads outside. The gunman is awake and Kevin says he’s sorry about his wife and promises again to not tell anyone about anything. The gunman says he definitely won’t and pulls the pin on a grenade. 

Our guy survives the blast, but mist is now just everywhere, surrounding him. That’s when the cockroach cop from way back in the first episode appears and taunts Kevin. Then his dead brother tells him he left him behind, and the crazy fake nurse appears and tells him the evil one is coming. The phantoms block Kevin until his doppelgänger appears. The two Kevin’s fight, and our Kevin clubs fake evil Kevin to death. He gets outside and into the car with Vic, ordering him to go.

Poor Alex cannot catch a break. The Mist

Poor Alex cannot catch a break.


Alex is still in tears thinking her dad is dead, and Eve says they need to get to some kind of car or at least out of the mall. Adrian tells them about his “friends,” Jonah and Mia, and Eve asks if they’re trustworthy. He says they are because after all, they didn’t have to bring him there. They go to leave and are spotted by the mini mob (it’s like five people) and the chase is on. 

Eve stalls Kyle, and wings him in the shoulder with her gun, but loses it. Kyle grabs it, and the chase resumes. The group gets caught on a dead end, and Eve demands that the craziness has to stop, and questions if Redman really saw Alex kill Shelley. Then she spits out maybe he killed her, and he jabs her in the gut with his baseball bat. Kyle catches up, and questions Adrian’s appearance, and the whole group tells Alex to be honest about killing Shelley and Jay too, because no one has seen him. Alex starts to freak out, but Eve reveals she knows where he is. 

They all get taken to the room with Jay, and he and Adrian having a stare down as Alex hugs Jay. Alex asks why Jay’s in there, but Eve doesn’t respond. 

Over where the tunnels meet the mall, Connor and Natalie arrive. “Are you ready for her embrace?” she asks. “I am,” he replies.

Outside, Vic and Kevin arrive, and Vic asks about what happened at the house. Kevin says it was a “reminder.” Wisely, Vic decides to stay in the car, and Kevin asks him to keep an eye out on things. Then he finally makes it into the mall.

In a store, Jonah awakens, tied to a chair by Wes. Wes asks Jonah if he has any idea who he is, and he says he doesn’t. He mentions something about a captain being upset, then stands up and salutes Jonah, telling him, “Glad you’re safe, sir.”

WOW. That was a lot going on this go around. And still more remains for the finale!

Questions for Next Week

  • Alex will surely find out the identity of her rapist, yes?
  • Will Redman be revealed as the Shelley’s killer?
  • Will Connor actually sacrifice his son?
  • Will Adrian be punished at all for his crime? 
  • Are Natalie’s beliefs going to sway the people in the mall?
  • Will anyone, and I do mean anyone, hold onto a gun for more than two minutes at a time?

Points of Interest

  • New Mist Powers: The visions aren’t new, but fighting your own doppelgänger is. 
  • I suppose they’re trying to imply a darker side to Kevin, but really, the dead people haunting him died through him either trying to help, self defend or no fault of his own (cockroach cop).
  • Connor and Natalie are too creepy, and I like it. 
  • I love me some Mia/Jonah shipping developments.
  • But that mall layout continues to baffle.
  • They’re working a little too overtime to make Adrian crazy, with that scene of him rehearsing his sob story. You’ve done enough to make him a bad character, just let it play out. 
  • I’m kind of suspicious of Vic, mostly because they did a poor job establishing he got out of the car between episodes. Made me think he was going to turn out to be a figment of the mist or something, but a really helpful one.
  • The grand tradition of characters receiving names and then immediately dying continues with Trevor and Ursula. What a way to go, eaten alive by rats. 
  • I know I said this before, but Kevin should really, really consider a post-mist career as a negotiator. He’s so experienced now!
  • I laughed so hard at Jonah’s “Let’s go shopping” action hero one liner.

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