Wellllll, things are dark and terrible on The Mist, and I’m running out of people to root for. 

Location TBD

Kevin and co are driving through the streets, seemingly lost, until Adrian realizes they’re on his street. They stop at his parents’ house so he can check on them, and Mia and Jonah (aka Bryan) can siphon some gas for the car. Kevin offers to go with Adrian, but he refuses. The front door of his house broken and the mist is seeping in.


Parishioners are asking Natalie for answers and ask when the miracle will happen. She says the Black Spring is the miracle, and that like when it happened back in 1860, it started because a woman was abused. Natalie tells them nature took who it took because of things they did, like Link and Romanov. “Think about that before you question me again,” she adds. She longs for the mist, and went from zero to 60 when it comes to dogmatic rule.


Alex and Jay are hanging together, tending to his burned hand. Eve is furious, as Kimmy reports that the main group is planning scavenging raids to find food. The two women agree things are going to get worse, and Eve asks if Kimmy can find a room with no windows as she look on at Jay.


Connor, to borrow a phrase, is shook. Natalie joins him, and he explains that he and his wife were married at the church, and she’s buried there too. He says when his wife died, Father Romanov basically implied he didn’t pray hard enough, and he tells Natalie he’s glad she came back from the mist alone. 

She says it must have been hard raising Jay alone, and Connor admits that he feels like he failed (and alludes to his own troubled childhood with a single father). As he explains how he didn’t know how to raise someone to be a person, he confesses he does think Jay raped Alex.

Adrian’s House

Adrian sees his dad alone, eating at the table, and asks where his mom is. His dad tells him she’s in the living room, and Adrian finds her decaying body with the eyes pecked out. Adrian is horrified, and his dad explains she went outside on the third day and the birds attacked, and he couldn’t stop it.


The meeting of Connor and Natalie continues in private, as he says it’s his fault Jay is the way he is, and he lost him when he lost his wife. He asks her how to get over grief, and how she got or is getting over her husband’s death. Natalie switches the subject to chem trails (ugh) and goes on about people hurting Nature, and Mother Nature has had enough. 

Natalie gives Connor his “come to Jesus” moment, or in this case, come to Nature. She says it’s not his fault he doesn’t know what to do, and that he just needs to feel his purpose, and that even violence can have a purpose. But humans do it for pleasure, and that violates Nature’s order. That’s why the Black Spring is here, to take trespassers away. “Jay?” he asks, and she nods. 

Connor says his purpose is to restore order, and she says it always has been, he’s just been following the wrong laws. So, yeah, they’re planning to kill his son. Yikes, that escalated quickly.

Adrian’s House

Kevin waits in the car, and sees a blinking flashlight in the distance, and drives towards it. Kevin. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, why you so dumb?


Alex and Jay wander around flirting. Meanwhile, Shelley has a rather elaborate shrine for Lilah, but she sees the two teens essentially having a date, and Alex and Jay kiss. Shelley is NOT having it.

Adrian’s House

Jonah is siphoning gas and Mia asks if he ever wanted the suburban life they’re kind of surrounded by. He jokes he doesn’t remember if he did, but it seems nice. She’s not convinced. He approaches her, and moves in for a kiss, and then they hop on the train to sexville and climb into the car, Titanic style. 


Redman and the group are trying to plan a food run, but Shelley complains about Alex again. The mall manager tells her to mind her own business, and that it’s just her grief, but it’s getting dangerous. Shelley says Alex did nothing to help her daughter and she escaped from the mist unscathed. Redman tells her she’s being hysterical, but Kyle the security guard backs her up. He, Redman, insists he’s trying to keep “his” mall safe, and Kyle says it’s not his mall.

Kimmy catches Alex and Jay coming back from their date, and tells Alex her mom is looking for her. Alex scoffs “of course” she is, and Kimmy lays into her that it’s nice she has a mom that cares (TRUTH). Then she asks Jay to go help bring water from downstairs, and the teens exchange another flirty smile. 

Jay goes downstairs to the windowless area with the water, and as he gathers some bottles, he notices a cot and some supplies in the room. Then the door slams shut. He tries to get out, but Eve is on the other side, telling him she won’t let him hurt Alex again, and leaves him there.

Adrian’s House

Adrian is angry at his dad, betting he hasn’t even cried over his mom’s death, and snapping that a dad is supposed to love his son. His dad shoots back that a man is supposed to love women, and that they don’t have to lie to each other anymore now that mom the peacemaker is gone.


Natalie announces she knows what the mist wants her to do, and reveals Connor’s confession about Jay raping Alex. They must go to the mall and offer help, and that only when threats are purged will the mist leave. Some question the violence of the idea, but Natalie says the rape is the catalyst. Connor appears and tells the group he’s found a safe way to the mall.

Adrian’s House

The man with the flashlight is Vic, our poor dopey gamer guy who had been exiled from the mall several episodes ago. Vic recognizes Kevin and says he’ll tell him all about the mall. Kevin lets him in the car and they speed away.


Shelley can be heard on the monitor griping about Alex and the mist. Alex asks Kimmy about Jay, and she tries to get her to wait for her mom. 

Alex instead wanders over to the main group, where Shelley pounces once again, asking if girls normally go on dates with their rapists. She adds, “unless there’s something wrong” with the girl the mist wouldn’t touch. She demands to know why the mist didn’t want her, but Redman intervenes and Alex leaves.

Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with M and that stands for Mist! The Mist

Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with M and that stands for Mist!

Adrian’s House

Vic tells Kevin that Alex is ok, and everyone is going “The Last Stand” in the mall, referring to a video game about the zombie apocalypse. Kevin tells Vic he’s waiting for his friends in the house, and then they’re headed to the mall. “Great,” sighs Vic

Mia and Jonah are cuddling, and congratulating each other on good sex. Jonah wonders if he has a wife from before, but he doesn’t remember and therefore doesn’t miss her. She suggests they might know at Arrowhead, but he thinks he probably shouldn’t go back because someone from there did try to kill him. He asks if she had a guy before, and she changes the subject, saying they should go.


Redman is in his office when Wes (the private from the undercover military group) enters. Wes doubts the military is coming, and tells Redman they need to do something about Shelley. She’s spreading the rumor that Alex and the mist are connected. He adds that they have one day of food left and the group is on the verge of collapse.

You gotta keep this mall together The Mist

You gotta keep this mall together

Adrian’s House

Adrian covers up his mom, and takes his dad’s shotgun off the table. Kevin honks the horn outside, and Adrian tells his dad he’s going with the group. His dad makes a snide remark about Kevin possibly being gay, and Adrian snaps that they were more of a family than he ever was. Adrian’s dad tells him his mom was afraid of Adrian, and knew he was a “monster,” and he knows that’s why she took pills, and that Adrian called her something horrible. 

Adrian says he wasn’t going to let her be a victim to his abusive dad, but dad says no one could love Adrian, the real him. “Alex loves me,” he replies, and his dad spits that was only the case until she could find someone to “f**k” her.

And that’s when Adrian shoots his dad in the stomach. “I did,” he declares. He wasn’t going to let Alex choose someone like Jay, and that she loves him. His dad falls to the ground, and Adrian lays beside him.

The Mist

Outside, Mia and Jonah get to the car and meet Vic, and Kevin announces they’re headed for the mall once they get Adrian.

Inside, Adrian cuts his arm to fake an attack from dad. Kevin enters and finds the distraught kid, who claims self defense. He takes Adrian into the bathroom to stop the bleeding, and Adrian asks if he can be part of Kevin’s family, no matter what. Kevin assures him that he can, but as he’s going through the medicine cabinet to look for antiseptic, he finds a pill bottle for the drug found in Alex’s system after the rape. He pauses and asks why he has the drug, and Adrian says he didn’t want to be alone, he couldn’t lose her, and that he loves Alex. 

Kevin starts asking to know what happened and roughing Adrian up a bit. Adrian tries to throw the family thing back in his face, and grabs the shotgun. He tells Kevin that Jay was going to take Alex away, and Kevin says Adrian needs help. This angers Adrian, who snaps that Kevin is just like everyone else. He orders Kevin to his knees and promises to care for Alex and Eve, and raises the shotgun. Kevin makes a final lunge and gets knocked out in the scuffle.

Adrian runs outside, leaving the door open and letting the mist in the house. He gets to the car and claims his dad killed Kevin, and he tried to stop it. Mia asks what to do now, and Adrian suggests going to the mall. She questions it sine it was really more of Kevin’s thing, and suggests they just leave. Adrian flips out and says he promised to protect Kevin’s family, and they all pause.


Shelley is at her shrine and Redman joins her. She admits she knows Alex really has nothing to do with the mist, but that she can’t stand seeing her alive and happy. He guesses that she set the fire to kill Alex, and tells her she needs to confess and then they’ll expel her from the mall. Shelley says she wanted to and came to his office, but discovered his food stash instead. 

Redman insists someone has to lead, and that he’s there for everyone’s safety. She asks if he’ll confess, and he says no, so she responds she’ll do it for him. He grabs Shelley by the arm, still insisting he needs to leave for safety, and she says they’ll find a way to manage. 

He grabs a candlestick from the shrine and clubs Shelley over the head, saying “Go be with your daughter.” WOW.


Natalie, Connor and two others are preparing to leave, when a reluctant parishioner says she and some others are going to stay behind. She tells the woman she hopes Nature blesses them and they part way.

Connor asks where the rest of the group is, and she says they want to stay. Then they lock the main church doors (with a cross no less), and Natalie throws some lighter fluid around. She hands Connor the matches and reminds him every act of destruction is an act of creation. He drops the lit matches, and they make their way into the underground tunnels to the screams of the people left behind.

So long, farewell, we'll burn you all alive... The Mist

So long, farewell, we’ll burn you all alive…


Redman is hiding when the group finds Shelley, but he comes forward and says he found her like that (dead). Kyle attacks Redman, but he quickly blames Alex for the murder, saying Shelley must have been on to something.

And that’s where we leave these terrible, horrible, no good very bad people in The Mist. I’m very bummed my theory about Adrian was right, because it’s such an ugly, old trope to have an LGBQT character be crazy and dangerous. Two episodes left, let’s see how all this shakes out.

Questions for Next Week

  • Will the group from Adrian’s house make it to the mall?
  • Will Kevin make it to the mall, presumably on foot? Or will he get a boost from the mist because he’s not a bad guy after all?
  • Will Connor actually kill his own son?
  • Is Eve going to torture/interrogate Jay, or just keep him locked away?
  • Is anyone going to believe Redman’s lies?
  • Is Natalie actually right about any of this, or will she be punished by Nature too for being too violent?
  • Are the only decent people left our main characters (and even then it’s questionable)?

 Points of Interest

  • New Mist Power: Bird attacks, letting tiny amounts of power go straight to people’s heads. 
  • He may be a dope in so many ways, but Kevin is surprisingly good at talking down crazy people.
  • I thought, when Vic said “The Last Stand” he meant Stephen King‘s The Stand, but it’s a video game. You tricked me show!
  • This is clearly going to come to a head at the mall, and I have to say, this is the most people I’ve seen in a mall in a very long time.
  • Where did the church stash that lighter fluid? Unless it was holy oil?
  • The fight over Redman’s food is dumb, because from the looks of it, he had like five power bars at best. Not enough to be truly shameful and club a woman to death, dude.
  • Shelley’s turn around on not hating Alex so much seemed kind of fast.

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